Bulletin of theory and practice in secondary education
Issue 62
Date of Issue:2016-03-31
ISSN : 1349-7782
Publisher : Hiroshima University High School
Takemura, Shinji;
Developing Lessons to Nurture a Culture of Politics
Abe, Tetsuhisa;
PP. 3 - 10
Design of a Performance Task in Junior High School Science Lessons : A Consideration of an Effective Teaching Method through the Classroom Practice of the Unit “Continuity of Life”
Inoue, Jiyunichi;
PP. 11 - 26
Design of a Performance Task in Senior High School Chemistry Lessons through Investigation Activities to Measure Pentane Vapor Pressure
Utsumi, Riyouichi;
PP. 27 - 36
Research on the Consciousness of Trainee Teachers Composing Units : Learning about an Earthquake in Junior High School Science Class as an Example
Sugita, Taiichi;
PP. 37 - 42
A Study of How English Education at Elementary School Affects Junior High School Students’ English Learning
Aoki, Kiyoko; Icho, Hiroshi;
PP. 43 - 58
A study on the lesson aimed at solving a problem with knowledge and skills acquired through every-day lessons : An Integrated Lesson between English and mathematics
Setoguchi, Shigehisa; Hashimoto, Mitsugu;
PP. 59 - 69
Cohesion before Coherence in the Teaching of Paragraph Writing
Yamaoka, Taiki;
PP. 71 - 78
A Study of the Role of Music Teaching in Developing Students’ Creativity (2) : Composing Background Music to Fit the Image of Poems
Masui, Chiseko;
PP. 79 - 86
A Study of the Creation and Use of an Information and Communication Technology Environment in Art Classrooms
Morinaga, Shiyunroku;
PP. 87 - 94
The Version of Reading : The Point of View of the Performance Assessment
Takemura, Shinji;
PP. 95 - 106
Exploring Reading with Literature : A Case Study of Reading Katachi by Kikuchi Kan
Mine, Naomi;
PP. 116 - 108