Bulletin of the Graduate School of Education, Hiroshima University. Part 3, Education and human science
Issue 53
Date of Issue:2005-03-28
current number
ISSN : 1346-5562
Publisher : Graduate School of Education, Hiroshima University
Management of Teacher Education (3) : A Study of the Relationship between the Professional Graduate School and In-service Teacher Education
Okato, Toshitaka;
PP. 1 - 9
Adult Learning and Perspective Transformation
Koike, Gengo; Shishida, Manami;
PP. 19 - 19
Institutionalization of "the Third Function" in Japanese Universities (3)
Koike, Gengo; Amano, Kaori;
PP. 21 - 30
School Autonomy and Financial Management in Public High School : A Case study of 'Y' Prefectural Board of Education and 'S' High School
Koga, Kazuhiro; Sakai, Kensaku;
PP. 31 - 36
School Autonomy and Financial Management in Public High Schools : A Case Study of 'S' Prefectural Board of Education and 'M' Technology High School
Kouno, Kazukiyo; Ichida, Toshiyuki; Guo, Rentian;
PP. 37 - 44
Curriculum Leadership and Teacher Development : Centering upon Fenwick W. English's Treatises on Curriculum Management
Nakano, Kazumitsu;
PP. 45 - 51
A Study on Myles Horton's adult education for social change : Focusing upon his intellectual experience in Chicago
Fujimura, Yoshimi;
PP. 53 - 59
Von der Einsicht in die Endlichkeit und Geschichtlichkeit des Menschseins zur Praxis des Dialogs : Bedeutung der Metaphysik bei der Gadamerschen Hermeneutik
Ozeki, Tatsuya;
PP. 61 - 68
Research on a strategy of acceptance of Mingong children's enrollment in public schools in China : A case of the strategy of Beijing city government
Uemura, Hiromi;
PP. 69 - 75
The Trend of Tuition Fees and Student-aid Policy in Chinese Higher Education
Guo, Rentian;
PP. 77 - 82
A Study on the Vocational City of the Chinese Vocational School
Wang, Rong;
PP. 83 - 92
A Study on Reformation of China's 4 Year Middle School System before the Establishment of RenXu School System in 1922 : Focusing on the Chinese Congress of Middle School's Principals in 1918
Imai, Wataru;
PP. 93 - 102
A study of the debate sessions in the Educational Society of Japan around 1887
Shiraishi, Takato;
PP. 103 - 111
The Meanings of "Networking" in In-Service Teacher Education
Li, Ruhai; Okato, Toshitaka;
PP. 113 - 120
A study of the historical development of der Gruppenunterricht in Germany after World War II
Yoshida, Shigetaka;
PP. 125 - 132
Mao Zedong's Educational Ideas and Undergraduate Curriculum Reform during the Cultural Revolution : The Case of Peking University
Chen, Xin;
PP. 133 - 142
Parents' Right to Choose School in Belgium : Focusing on the declaration of the right in the School Pact, 1958
Kanai, Yumiko;
PP. 151 - 157
The Origin of the German School Report
Urabe, Masashi;
PP. 159 - 165
A Study About The Policies in Regular Senior Secondary Schools of China : At the Viewpoint of School Educational Environment
Fei, Laichuang;
PP. 167 - 174
An Analysis of the Needs for Life Long Learning from the view points of Quality of Life and Psychological Well-being : A Survey of the Needs of "Search for Identity" in Adulthood
Okamoto, Yuko;
PP. 175 - 183
A survey of activities of clinical psychologists in medical fields with highly advanced technology
Kodama, Ken-ichi; Uchino, Teiji; Isobe, Noriko;
PP. 185 - 191
Effects of single and double forewarnings on two-step persuasion
Fukada, Hiromi;
PP. 193 - 202
A developmental study of violence-related problematic behaviors (6)
Maeda, Kenichi; Niimi, Naoko; Yamaguchi, Shuji;
PP. 203 - 209
Self-perceptions of basic skills for career development and competence in undergraduate students
Maeda, Kenichi; Niimi, Naoko;
PP. 211 - 215
The effect of visual information on verbal communication process in remote conversation
Kunita, Shoko; Chujo, Kazumitsu;
PP. 217 - 224
The effects of anxiety evoked by feedback of evaluation on reading : The relation between state anxiety and compensatory reading strategies
Nakao, Mizuki; Chujo, Kazumitsu;
PP. 225 - 230
Attachment function in the ontogenesis of the individually different higher cognitive functions : A neuropsychological study and the perspectives
Kondo, Takeo; Saito, Yuri; Toshima, Tamotsu;
PP. 231 - 236
Roles of relationship in the development of mother and a child : Relationship of mother with children in the negativism age
Inoue, Kayoko;
PP. 237 - 240
A review and some considerations of studies on acceptance process and clinical psychological support of persons for spinal cord injury
Kojima, Yuka;
PP. 241 - 248
Psychological risk factors on child abuse-related behaviors among non-clinical mothers
Nakajima, Midori;
PP. 249 - 257
About functional relations between the stress vulnerability and the hemispheric asymmetries in infants
Saito, Yuri; Kondo, Takeo; Toshima, Tamotsu;
PP. 259 - 266
Influence of AIDS education on attitudes toward people with AIDS
Takamoto, Yukiko; Fukada, Hiromi;
PP. 267 - 276
Preschoolers' cognitions about justice of punitive aggression
Etchu, Koji;
PP. 277 - 284
An ERP study on the quantitative relation between conflict and response inhibition
Takezawa, Tomohiro; Nakao, Mizuki; Nakao, Takashi; Shiraishi, Maiko; Miyatani, Makoto;
PP. 285 - 290
Does other-referent process invoke evaluation process?
Nakao, Takashi; Miyatani, Makoto;
PP. 291 - 296
How does a positive personality concept become differentiated ones in childhood?
Hayashi, Tomoyuki;
PP. 297 - 303
A study of construction of the kindergaten curriculum
Yamazaki, Akira;
PP. 305 - 314
Relationship between the ability to use viewer-centered representation and other spatial abilities in young children
Ozu, Sotaro; Sugimura, Shinichiro;
PP. 315 - 323
Intervetions of teachers and preschoolers to conflicts in 4-, and 6-year-old class : Interventions which are related to sincere apology
Nakagawa, Miwa;
PP. 325 - 332
A study of inclusive early childhood education in New Zealand : Practical guideline for early childhood teachers
Matsui, Gota; Nanakida, Atsushi;
PP. 333 - 340
La reforme des formations universitaires en France-Autour du developpement de l'enseignement de la culture generate dans le premier cycle
Oba, Jun;
PP. 341 - 350