Bulletin of the Graduate School of Education, Hiroshima University. Part 3, Education and human science
Issue 51
Date of Issue:2003-03-28
current number
ISSN : 1346-5562
Publisher : Graduate School of Education, Hiroshima University
Learning Styles of Adult Students in University Extension
Koike, Gengo; Shishida, Manami; Sasaki, Yasutaka;
PP. 1 - 10
Institutionalization of "the third function" in Japanese universities (1)
Koike, Gengo;
PP. 11 - 18
Retrospect and Prospect in the Reforms of Chinese Teacher Education
Wang, Jian Ping;
PP. 19 - 26
A typological study of fundamental philosophies of private universities : The positions of women's universities
Okada, Noriko;
PP. 27 - 36
The Function of the Public Employment Relations Board at Teacher's Collective Bargaining in California State, U. S. A.
Ichida, Toshiyuki;
PP. 37 - 43
An Early intervention approach to young children with special needs in inclusive setting in the United States : The effectiveness, setting, and adaptation issues of early intervention, especially an Activity-Based Intervention
Mizuuchi, Toyokazu;
PP. 45 - 53
Examination of visual information affected to physical awkwardness in early childhood
Masuda, Takahito;
PP. 55 - 60
Moglichkeiten und Grenzen des hermeneutischen Gesprachs : Mit Bezugnahme auf die Debatte zwischen der Hermeneutik H. -G. Gadamers und der Dekonstruktion J. Derridas
Ozeki, Tatsuya;
PP. 61 - 66
A Study on the training of instructors for the course of gymnastics at the end of Qing dynasty, China : A case study of the Training Center for Music and Gymnastics, Zhili Province
Shang, Dapeng;
PP. 67 - 72
A Study on the Japanese Schools in China around Russo-Japanese War
Wang, Hui;
PP. 73 - 81
An Empirical Study on the Vocational Education of Huang Yan-pei
Wang, Rong;
PP. 83 - 89
The Theory of philanthropy by F. P. Keppel
Shishida, Manami;
PP. 91 - 98
A Study on the Vocational Education in China's Private University
Wang, Fan;
PP. 99 - 106
A Study on Education of Mengqi in the Republic of China : Focus on the Northeast Mengqi Normal School in Fengtian
Yu, Feng chun;
PP. 107 - 115
The work values of college students in China : On the comparison of genders
Li, Donglin;
PP. 125 - 131
An Analysis of the Korean Pupils' Behavior Characteristics : using the SYMLOG Field Diagram rated by the teacher
Choi, Youngtae;
PP. 133 - 141
The effects of effectiveness and appropriateness of compliance-gaining strategies on the use of them
Fukada, Hiromi; Tozuka, Tadashi; Tang, Yung Lung;
PP. 143 - 150
A review of studies on persuasion from the viewpoint of the Elaboration Likelihood Model (2)
Fukada, Hiromi; Kimura, Kenichi; Makino, Koshi; Higuchi, Masataka;
PP. 151 - 160
A developmental study of violence-related problematic behaviors (3)
Maeda, Kenichi; Chujo, Kazumitsu; Yamaguchi, Shuji;
PP. 161 - 169
Notices about using elementary statistics in psychology
Matsuda, Fumiko; Miyake, Motoko; Hashimoto, Yukari; Yamasaki, Rio; Morita, Aiko; Kojima, Yoshiko;
PP. 171 - 180
Knowledge and planning in duration judgments in two moving objects
Matsuda, Fumiko; Tanimura, Ryo;
PP. 181 - 186
Event-related brain potentials in a mental rotation task with different probabilities of normal and mirror-image letter stimuli
Miyatani, Makoto; Nagano, Makiko;
PP. 187 - 194
How do differences in relating mathematics to science affect ninth graders' learning : Junior high school students' understanding of relationships between force and motion
Yuzawa, Masamichi; Matsuuchi, Takayasu;
PP. 195 - 202
Individual differences of spatial span and view-dependence in three-dimensional object recognition
Kondou, Takeo;
PP. 203 - 209
The effect of semantic constraint of a noun phrase on determining the prepositional representation of a sentence
Fujiki, Daisuke; Chujo, Kazumitsu;
PP. 211 - 217
Influence of situational dimensions on the selection of compliance-gaining strategies
Tang, Yung Lung;
PP. 219 - 228
Determinants of behavioral intentions of collective coping toward environmental problems
Tozuka, Tadashi;
PP. 229 - 238
A developmental study of violence-related problematic behaviors (2)
Yamaguchi, Shuji; Hayashi, Takashi; Maeda, Kenichi;
PP. 239 - 248
A short-term longitudinal study of relational aggression and social skills of preschool children
Isobe, Miyoshi;
PP. 249 - 255
The review of psychological factors related with adolescent friendship in contemporary
Hirozane, Yuko;
PP. 257 - 264
Motherhood : differences in the sense of self between women having children and female students
Inoue, Kayoko;
PP. 265 - 270
Review of Big Five research from developmental perspective
Hayashi, Tomoyuki;
PP. 271 - 277
The possibility of integration between word recognition studies and text comprehension studies : A literal review
Morita, Aiko;
PP. 279 - 288
Social skills and loneliness in junior high school students
Kanayama, Motoharu; Ono, Masahiko; Ohashi, Tsutomu; Tsujimoto, Yuichi; Oi, Shizuyo; Matsui, Kayoko; Tsujimoto, Ikuhiro; Yoshida, Hatsuko;
PP. 289 - 295
Self-assertion, self-inhibition,and problem behavior in preschool children
Nakadai, Sakiko; Kanayama, Motoharu;
PP. 297 - 302
Improvement of learning and teaching by the evaluation method of students' attentiveness : Effects of evaluation of students' attentiveness by themselves and teachers using the stimulated-recall procedure
Uchimura, Hiroshi;
PP. 303 - 312
Development of supporting system for deaf-blind individuals
Miwa, Reiko;
PP. 313 - 322
The feature of the self-actualization of infancy A longitudinal study about development of a self-actualization tendency
Kuramori, Mihoko; Hatakeyama, Miho; Yamazaki, Akira;
PP. 331 - 335
Relationship Between Empathic Distress and Prosocial Behavior in Preschool Children
Kusumoto, Chisato; Ito, Junko;
PP. 337 - 341
Loneliness and behavioral characteristics of relationally victimized young girl : A naturalistic observation in kindergarten
Hatakeyama, Miho; Isobe, Miyoshi; Etchu, Koji; Tsai, Chia-Ling;
PP. 343 - 349
Effect of repeated presentation to the ignored stimulus on inhibition
Shibasaki, Yoshinori;
PP. 351 - 357
The process of developing and changing of infant-teacher attachment : A study on an infant whose attachment to the first attachment figure is insecure
Ueda, Nao;
PP. 359 - 363
Interventions of preschoolers to show children who have different dominance relationships
Nakagawa, Miwa;
PP. 365 - 373
The process of how to build prosocial behavior in preschool children : The difficulty of spontaneous expression of prosociability
Wakabayashi, Sumino;
PP. 375 - 380
Reconsideration on the neuropsychological assessment for cognitive dysfunctions in discrimination shift learning paradigm : From the view point of Kendler's level theory
Hashimoto, Yukari; Toshima, Tamotsu;
PP. 381 - 388
The background factors of the burnout of school teachers who have school refusal students in their classes
Amitani, Ayaka;
PP. 389 - 398
An overview and prospect about research on unwillingness to attend school
Fujii, Naoko;
PP. 399 - 405
Analysis of Competency in Questionnaire Survey on Relevance of Higher Education to Work
Ogata, Naoyuki;
PP. 407 - 413