Bulletin of the Graduate School of Education, Hiroshima University. Part 3, Education and human science
Issue 50
Date of Issue:2002-02-28
current number
ISSN : 1346-5562
Publisher : Graduate School of Education, Hiroshima University
Management of Teacher Education (1) : Through the experience of instruction on "introduction to teaching profession"
Okato, Toshitaka;
PP. 1 - 10
Management of Teacher Education (2) : Focusing on student's ambition to be a teacher and evaluation of teaching competence of "Introduction to teaching profession (Kyosyoku-Nyumon)"
Okato, Toshitaka; Kumamaru, Shintaro;
PP. 11 - 19
The Wisconsin Idea and University Extension
Koike, Gengo;
PP. 21 - 30
Lifelong Learning in the University Town from the Perspective of Human Ecology
Koike, Gengo; Yamada, Manami;
PP. 31 - 40
The Chinese anti-Japanese education activities in 1930s : A study on Manchurian Incident articles in Jiaoyu Zazhi
Satoh, Hisako;
PP. 41 - 50
University Selection in Japan, Korea and China : A Survey of Present Circumstances
Jin, Longzhe;
PP. 51 - 60
The Students of the Warrington Academy 1757-86 : the Analysis on Their Origins, Life in the Academy and Social Status
Santoki, Makiko;
PP. 61 - 70
Über die Zeitvorstellung Bildungsbegriff Adornos : die Problematik des ästhetischen Augenblicks und der Geschichte
Shirokane, Natsuki;
PP. 71 - 76
A Study on Organizational Identity on School (I)
Kumamaru, Shintaro;
PP. 77 - 84
The System of the Teachers' Collective Bargaining in California State : An Analysis of the Educational Employment Relations Act, the Ralph C. Dills Act and the Meyers-Milias-Brown Act
Ichida, Toshiyuki;
PP. 85 - 91
The Theory of Agricultural Extension by Liberty Hyde Bailey
Sasaki, Yasutaka;
PP. 93 - 100
The formation of PTA : from mothers education to co-operation of parents and teachers
Amano, Kaori;
PP. 101 - 107
Takatani, Ayuko;
PP. 109 - 116
Examination of physical awkwardness in early childhood on motor reaction and speed task : Changing of performance in the trials of the 'responce speed stick' task
Masuda, Takahito; Nanakida, Atushi;
PP. 117 - 122
Early Childhood Special Education (ECSE) and Activity-Based Intervention (ABI) : The practice of early intervention approach to young children with special need in inclusive setting
Mizuuchi, Toyokazu;
PP. 123 - 130
A study of the Foundation Schools in England : The characteristic and subjects in the System of the Foundation Schools
Miyama, Midori;
PP. 131 - 139
The Learning of the Poetry Circles in the Last Part of the Edo Period : A Case Study of Koushinsha in Ise-Yamada
Yamamoto, Saki;
PP. 141 - 149
A Study on Social Grant to Private Colleges in China
Wang, Fan;
PP. 167 - 173
The Transition of Educational Policies and Initiatives for the Inuit in Canada
Shimomura, Tomoko;
PP. 175 - 183
The theory of "liberal education for civic" by Everett Dean Martin
Yamada, Manami;
PP. 191 - 196
A Research about Japanese Language Educational Policy to Mongolia in Manchuria
Yu, Fengchun;
PP. 197 - 204
A Study on University-to-Work Policy in Finland
Watanabe, Aya;
PP. 205 - 213
The Effects of Class Size and Team Teaching : Focusing on Achievement
Okada, Noriko; Yamasaki, Hirotoshi;
PP. 215 - 224
A Study of the Tuition of Middle Schools in Prwear Tokyo Prefecture
Karasuda, Naoya;
PP. 225 - 234
Graduate Education and Dissertation Writing in Japan and Hungary
Szabo, Orsolya;
PP. 235 - 240
A Fieldwork Study on The Development of Teaching Perspectives of Teacher Trainees : A Case of The Teacher Question
Hashimoto, Hiroki;
PP. 241 - 248
A Study of the philosophy and structure of Critical Literacy in Educational Practices : Focusing on the revaluations of Paulo Freire
Kurotani, Kazushi;
PP. 249 - 256
HAART and the changes of topics in HIV/AIDS counseling during a 11-year period
Kodama, Kenichi; Uchino, Teiji; Kihana, Nobuko; Mprolawa, Sanae;
PP. 257 - 262
W. J. McGuire's communication/persuasion matrix (1)
Fukada, Hiromi;
PP. 263 - 272
The effects of censorship on attitude change
Fukada, Hiromi; Tozuka, Tadashi; Tang, Yung Lung;
PP. 273 - 280
Discourse in Social Psychology (3) : The character of the current social psychology
Yoshimori, Mamoru;
PP. 281 - 290
Parents' view and attitude toward their children's school refusal : In comparison with teachers' view and attitude
Kanno, Shinobu; Amitani, Ayaka; Higuchi, Masataka;
PP. 291 - 299
Differences of event-related potentials with use of different reference sites
Miyatani, Makoto; Nakao, Mizuki; Yamamoto, Fumie; Iwaki, Nobuyoshi; Fujimoto, Rina;
PP. 301 - 308
When mathematics as a tool for thought is not congruent with mathematics as a model for a physical phenomenon : Junior high school students' understanding of relationships among electric current, pressure, and resistance
Yuzawa, Masamichi; Yamamoto, Yasumasa;
PP. 309 - 315
Investigating Cognitive and Learning Processes of Languages through Writing Behavior : Developing Software for Writing Behavior
Kawahara, Jun-ichiro; Tamaoka, Katsuo; Chujo, Kazumitsu; Matsumi, Norio;
PP. 317 - 324
The effects of task relevancy on N400 attenuation by semantic relation
Nakao, Mizuki;
PP. 325 - 332
Teachers' view and attitude toward their children with school refusal : In relation to a type of the school refusal and teachers' evaluation on going to school
Amitani, Ayaka; Kanno, Shinobu;
PP. 333 - 339
A Remark on Rorschach Test and Objective Test : From an aspect of examinee's experience
Oshio, Fumiko;
PP. 341 - 345
The study of tree drawing test drawn by children who have nephrotic syndrome
Nishimoto, Chie;
PP. 347 - 353
A Review of literature on the clinical psychological study on the hearing impaired in Japan
Fujitomo, Masakazu;
PP. 355 - 361
Effect of context on changes of sensitivity to objects' features
Kondo, Takeo; Toshima, Tamotsu;
PP. 363 - 367
A review of studies on children's relational aggression
Isobe, Miyoshi;
PP. 379 - 386
The duration and distance judgment of two moving objects by high school students
Uchimura, Hiroshi; Lan, Woei-Chen;
PP. 387 - 394
A review of developmental studies of the conception of time
Tanimura, Ryo;
PP. 395 - 403
Relations of student ratings of teaching to student self-ratings, student attitudes toward the subject, and grades : In the case of required subject for teacher's certificate "Student guidance"
Miyake, Motoko; Morita, Aiko; Kojima, Yoshiko; Matsuda, Fumiko;
PP. 405 - 414
Participation in social life for individuals with deaf-blind : Comparing individuals with hard of hearing
Miwa, Reiko;
PP. 415 - 418
Understanding of concepts about duration, distance, and speed in fifth-and sixth-grade children
Morita, Aiko; Okabe, Naomi; Tanimura, Ryo; Miyake, Motoko; Kojima, Yoshiko; Nagase, Miho; Matsuda, Fumiko;
PP. 419 - 428
Sequence learning with deviant stimuli in a serial reaction time task
Yamamoto, Fumie; Miyatani, Makoto;
PP. 429 - 435
de Carvalho Filho, Moisés Kirk;
PP. 437 - 445
A dvelopmental study of self-actualization of fifth graders in elementary school and second graders in junior high school
Yamazaki, Akira;
PP. 447 - 453
How do young children translate visual information into auditory information? : Exploration by immediate recognition tasks
Yuzawa, Miki;
PP. 455 - 459
Knowledge of regulation of emotional expression in childhood : In the case of emotion expression corresponding to other persons
Kusumoto, Chisato; Kondo, Yasue; Hayashi, Chizuko; Harano, Akiko; Yajima, Minako;
PP. 461 - 467
Self-actualization of junior high school students (2) : An analysis of the relationships among self-actualization of child, self-actualization of parents, and mutual cognition of parental rearing behavior
Kosaka, Keiko; Yamazaki, Akira;
PP. 469 - 476
The effect of inhibition on interference
Shibasaki, Yoshinori;
PP. 477 - 482
Transformation and social-psychological adjustment of the child who has a few interactions
Hatakeyama, Miho;
PP. 483 - 490
A Critical Issue of Higher Educatin Research from the Perspective of Employment : Case Study of Faculty of Business Administration and Information Science
Ogata, Naoyuki;
PP. 491 - 499
The Analysis of Preparation Education for Professionals of Student Affairs in the U.S.
Hosaka, Masako;
PP. 501 - 508
Some considerations on psychodynamic approach to impact of cross-cultural experience
Yamamoto, Masami;
PP. 509 - 515