Bulletin of the Graduate School of Education, Hiroshima University. Part. II, Arts and science education Issue 68
2019-12-20 発行

スピーチと話し合いの学習からみる「聞くこと」の論理 : 〈つまずき〉があると見られがちな児童の言動の分析を中心に

The Logic of Listening from the Viewpoint of Speech and Discussion Learning: Focus on analysis of children’s behavior that is often seen as having “difficulty"
Akeo, Kasumi
This article analyzes and speculates the actual figures of pupils’ attendance at discussions or speech activities, by focusing on their “listening” ways. In doing so, it also analyzes the statements and descriptions on target pupils who would be supposed to have some “difficulties” in listening to others, that is for example, their pattern of behavior to easily interrupt classmates’ words to express themselves. As a result of our analyses, it turned out that such “difficult” pupils often listen to others in an aspiring and receptive way. In addition, we found that such pupils sometimes catch and understand others’ statements by only a fragmental word, and they tend to listen to others’ opinions by linking them (a single word and / or opinions) with reality, and imagining “What would it be if it were in a real world?”. Therefore, we will derive a conclusion from these observations that supports will be required in recognitional and environmental ways to these pupils, rather than in behavioral ones. Also, now we come to regard that “difficulties” do exist in teachers (=authors) who have passed over the recognitional aspects in listening, rather than in “difficult” pupils themselves.