Bulletin of the Graduate School of Education, Hiroshima University. Part. II, Arts and science education
Issue 68
Date of Issue:2019-12-20
current number
ISSN : 1346-5554
Publisher : Graduate School of Education, Hiroshima University
STEM Materials Derived from the Cycloid
Teragaito, Masakazu; Kitadai, Yukinori; Saito, Toshio;
PP. 1 - 9
Effects of Tree Species and Surface Properties on Parental Selection of Wooden Blocks
Kimura, Akitaka;
PP. 11 - 16
Development of an Educational Equipment of a Network Router for Network Construction Based on the Concept of Physical Visualizations and Physical Direct Manipulations
Yoshihara, Kazuaki;
PP. 17 - 24
Legal Learning through the Experience of Lawsuit in Person: The Actual Case Study of Filing a Restrictive Injunction to Cutting High Trees in Private Common Garden
Hata, Hiroto;
PP. 25 - 34
The Transformation of Young Japanese History Teachers Through Mentoring: Reflections on Teachers’ Perspectives of their Subject as a Basis for Changing Lessons
Ishikawa, Teruko;
PP. 35 - 44
Professional Development Theories of Teacher Educator: Drs A. Swennen and K. Smith
Hamamoto, Aiko; Osaka, Yu; Kusahara, Kazuhiro; Iwata, Shotaro;
PP. 45 - 54
Practice Tendencies in Disaster Prevention Education
Murata, Sho;
PP. 55 - 62
The Logic of Listening from the Viewpoint of Speech and Discussion Learning: Focus on analysis of children’s behavior that is often seen as having “difficulty"
Akeo, Kasumi;
PP. 63 - 71
A Study of the Relationship between General Listening Profi ciency and Musical Background from the Perspective of Japanese EFL Learners with Various Levels of English Learning Experience
Kawashima, Hirokatsu;
PP. 73 - 80
Effect of Multisensory Approach on Learning Participial Construction: Learning with Blocks
Chikayama, Kazuhiro;
PP. 91 - 99
An Analysis of Political Discourse on the Introduction of English Language Teaching for Children in Japan: Trends from the 1970s until the second report by the Ad Hoc Council for Education
Hiramoto, Satoshi;
PP. 101 - 110
A Method for Analyzing Literature Materials Applying Rhetoric and Film Studies
Yanagisawa, Hiroya;
PP. 111 - 118
Chiaki Imada and the Restoration of Toei Animation: From the Mid-70s to the Early 80s
Ichifuji, Hirotaka;
PP. 119 - 128
Effects of Shadowing on Listening Comprehension of Japanese Texts in Advanced Chinese Learners of Japanese: Manipulating Working Memory Capacity
Wang, Jinzhi; Wang, Xiaowei; Ito, Kayoko; Qi, Jie;
PP. 129 - 137
Effect of Combined Shadowing and Repeating on Speaking Performances for a Class of Chinese Learners Studying Intermediate Japanese: Manipulating Working Memory Capacity
Wang, Xiaowei;
PP. 139 - 147
Why are Fewer Sexual Expressions Used in the Chinese Media than in the Japanese Media: Chinese Sexual Attitudes and Media Regulations
Zhou, Mi;
PP. 149 - 156
Processing of Kanji Words in Reading Japanese in Chinese Students Learning Japanese: From the Viewpoint of Sentence Constraints
Xu, Jie;
PP. 157 - 166
Function of Working Memory in Processing of Auditorily Presented Sentences by Chinese Learners of Japanese Language: An Experimental Test Manipulating the Order of Context
Xu, Chang;
PP. 167 - 176
The Spacing Effect in Free Recall and Oral Production of a Sequence of Japanese Sentences in Chinese Learners of Japanese
Xiao, Chang; Matsumi, Norio;
PP. 177 - 184
Classifying Evaluative Strategies in Japanese Narratives: Extraction and Classifi cation Standards
Chen, Zhen;
PP. 185 - 194
Conditions that “Maa” is likely to Appear: Focusing on conversations between teachers and students
Feng, Wenyan;
PP. 195 - 203
Assessing Second-Language Learners’ Academic Speaking Skills in Japanese: Development of Valid Assessment Criteria
Yokoyama, Chisato;
PP. 205 - 214
The Patterns of Invitational Discourse in Japanese by Chinese Learners: Two Situations with Different Degrees of Burden
Li, Chenxin;
PP. 215 - 224
Attention Distribution of Perception and Meaning Processing in Japanese Learners’ Listening Comprehension: An Empirical Study Based on the Dual-Task Approach
Li, Jingyi; Mao, Xuanxiu; Xu, Chang; Yanamoto, Daichi;
PP. 225 - 232
Construction of Spatial Mental Representation in Japanese Learners’ Listening: An Experimental Analysis using Manipulation of Verbal and Visuo-spatial Working Memory Capacities
Lin, Yun; Chang, Xiao; Xu, Jie; Matsumi, Norio;
PP. 233 - 241
Current Conditions and Issues in Quality Assurance of Preservice Teacher Education in Japan: Suggestions from a Domestic Research Trend
Iwata, Shotaro; Hamamoto, Aiko; Shiraishi, Tomoya; Kakazu, Kengo;
PP. 243 - 252
Research Methods in Physical Education Teacher Education Research in Japan: The Relationship between Research Approaches and Questions
Maeda, Kazuma;
PP. 253 - 260
University Students’ Morningness‒Eveningness and Their Interpersonal Relationships
Imakawa, Shinji;
PP. 261 - 270
Mongolian Traditional Music Learning Infl uences on the Formation of Ethnic Identities: Folk Songs Education at the Inner Mongolia Academy of Arts
PP. 271 - 279
Preschool Music Education in the German Democratic Republic: An Instructional Guide, Musik im Kindergarten
Inoshita, Beni;
PP. 281 - 288
“Knowing What” in Music Learning based on “Knowledge”
Tsuji, Yusuke;
PP. 289 - 298
Sueo Kanemaki’s Dance Education: Purpose and Teaching Materials for Dance Education
Toe, Mai;
PP. 299 - 306
A Comparative Study of the Perspectives of “Song and Drama” in the Elementary School Affi liated to Hiroshima Teachers College and of “School Drama” in Seijo Elementary School: The Origin of Song and Drama and School Drama Education
Masuda, Maiko;
PP. 307 - 316
“Body” and“ Culture” in Music Appreciation: Authentic Learning About Music Appreciation
Moriyasu, Naomi;
PP. 317 - 324
Lesson Study Consulting for the Professional Development of Textbook Developers: A case of social studies textbook development project for the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport in Cambodia
Moriya, Fujihiko; Osaka, Yu; Kuwayama, Hisashi; Sako, Yuka; Sasaki, Takashi; Maruyama, Hiroaki;
PP. 325 - 332
The Original Text of the Buddhist Canon from Kitanokyōōdō Hall(北野経王堂一切経)(1): About the main original text
Sasaki, Isamu;
PP. 342 - 334