Bulletin of the Graduate School of Education, Hiroshima University. Part. II, Arts and science education Issue 67
2018-12-21 発行

体育教員養成課程の模擬授業における学生の「リフレクション」の実態に関する事例研究 : 他者の実践を対象とした協議会における「リフレクション」に着目して

The Case Study of Reflection of Student at Microteaching in Pre-service Teacher Education of Physical Education: Focus on reflection at case conference targeting practice of others
Kawaguchi, Ryo
This study explored students’ reflection at a conference in terms of their collaboration with others. In particular, the students’ microteaching were targeted during the preservice teacher education conference. We examined how students’ remarks during the conference affected their peers’ reflection. The results clarified the following three points. First, the framework of students’ reflection at the conference targeting their peers’ microteaching included the “teaching skills,” “place-setting,” “warm-up or pre-exercise,” “ingenious use of teaching materials,” “ingenuous use of teaching equipment,” and “other” categories. The results clearly showed that the students’ reflection tended to focus on “teaching skills.” Second, when students reflected on the lecture contents afterwards, although they considered their peers’ remarks at the conference, they did not adopt their peers’ perspectives during their reflection. Thus, it was suggested that students’ awareness about their own microteaching tasks influences the adoption of other perspectives during reflection. Third, students were inferred to reflect about “pupil” and “teaching materials” from the teacher’s perspective. In addition, ensuring the quality of microteaching by choosing the appropriate teaching materials and devising a microteaching is necessary to facilitate reflections with diverse student perspectives.
Case conference
Practice of others