Bulletin of the Graduate School of Education, Hiroshima University. Part. II, Arts and science education Issue 67
2018-12-21 発行

中国語を母語とする日本語学習者の聴覚呈示における文記憶の分散効果 : 中国国内の上級日本語学習者を対象として

The Spacing Effect on Memorization of Auditory-presented Japanese Sentences in Chinese Learners of Japanese Language: Focusing on advanced Chinese learners of Japanese residing in China
Chang, Xiao
This study was designed to examine the spacing effect on task of memorizing auditory-presented Japanese sentences in Chinese students learning Japanese as a second language. In the experiment, advanced class of Chinese students learning Japanese was divided into two groups according to their working memory capacity. Both groups were required to memorize auditory-presented Japanese sentences through repeating aloud. The massed condition and the distributed condition were adopted to analyze the performance in an oral cued-recall test. The results showed that distributed condition led to better recall than massed condition in both groups of learners. It is suggested that individual differences of working memory capacity didn’t affect the spacing effect.
Chinese students learning Japanese
spacing effect
working memory