Bulletin of the Graduate School of Education, Hiroshima University. Part. II, Arts and science education Issue 67
2018-12-21 発行


Developing Lesson Modules for Reconstruction of Perspectives on Peace and Meta-cognition of its Process
Bito, Fumiya
Fukumoto, Masakazu
Kido, Natsumi
Gao, Jinting
Kondo, Hideki
Yamaguchi, Yasuji
Tatara, Yusuke
Kawahara, Kosuke
The aim of this study is to develop the module for peace education which helps learners to reconstruct their own perspectives on peace. Previous studies introducing lesson plans on peace education have limitation in that these lesson plans focus heavily on wars or issues unfamiliar to students. In addition, they were not intended to give opportunities to metacognize the reconstruction of perspectives on peace.
The lesson module we developed consists of three section: introduction section, main section, closing section. The main section consists of six units, and we chose six concepts or theories with which learners reconstruct their perspectives on peace:(1)game theory, (2)Galtung’s theory of peace, (3)conflict resolution, (4)authoritarian personality, (5)labeling theory, and, (6)social identity. This lesson module includes not only various concepts or theories about peace but also the process through which learners reconstruct their own perspectives on peace and reflection on the process in order to cultivate peace-makers.
Peace Education
Lesson Module