Bulletin of the Graduate School of Education, Hiroshima University. Part. II, Arts and science education Issue 65
2016-12-22 発行


The Narrative Methods like Dramaturgy on Ousaka-koenu-gonchunagon
Wei, Bingbing
Ousaka-koenu-gonchunagon was carried in Tsutsumi-Chunagon-monogatari which edited 10 short narratives (tales / stories / novels) at the end of Heian or the preceding term of Kamakura period. This narrative was presented to an imperial princess Rokujosaiin-Baishi House on May 5 in AD1050 after Rokujosaiin-ke Uta-awase that was held on May 3. I attempted to make clear what expressed in this narrative through analyzing the relationship between the text and the presented place, day. On this narrative, the place of the presentation was brought in the story as a stage set, and the audience of Rokujosaiin-ke were modeled on characters. At the same time, it achieved the composition to make us think of a drama with scenes, also it reminds us the description way of a scenario or stage directions in a playbook. Therefor we can say that it is a work which is written as a narrative but using the methods of a drama. There are many other narratives in Tsutsumi-Chunagon-monogatari, and we can consider them to use the same methods. So this research is a new attempt for making clear the expression of Tsutsumi-Chunagon-monogatari through the elucidation of the narrative methods like dramaturgy.
Rokujosaiinke Uta-awase
Narrative methods