Bulletin of the Graduate School of Education, Hiroshima University. Part. II, Arts and science education Issue 65
2016-12-22 発行

大学生の社会科観・授業構成力の変容に差が生じる理由 : 同一の教員養成カリキュラムで学ぶ教職課程前半期の学生に着目して

Why Do Pre-service Teachers Have Different Views and Lesson Planning Skills About Social Studies? : Focusing on freshmen to sophomore in same teacher training curriculum
Osaka, Yu
The aim of this research is to clear how pre-service teachers, who have no teaching experiences such as student teaching, develop their views and lesson planning skills about social studies. For that, the qualitative research was conducted with three X national university’s undergraduate students who majors social studies education. The results indicated that the students’ view of social studies and lesson planning skills are not necessary formed integrally, and students’ “crisis” and “obstinacy” regarding their identity created the gap about them. The outcome of this research implies how teacher education curriculum before student teaching should be improved.
view of social studies
lesson planning skills
teacher training curriculum
identity status
evaluation for pre-service teacher