Bulletin of the Graduate School of Education, Hiroshima University. Part. II, Arts and science education Issue 64
2015-12-18 発行

春日版『五部大乗経』の底本とされた宋版一切経(一) : 刻記の比較による検討

The South Song Dynasty Edition of the Buddhist Canon(宋版一切経)Which Became Original Text of Kasuga Prints(春日版)the Five Volumes of Mahayana Sutras(五部大乗経)(1) : The thing understood by comparing inscriptions
The Five Mahayana Sutras(Hoke-kyo(法華経), Kegon-kyo(華厳経), Nehan-kyo (涅槃経), Daijik-kyo(大集経), Daibon hannya-kyo(大品般若経) were printed at Kofuku-ji(興福寺)in Nara. Those were called Kasuga edition(春日版). Those were printed in the latter period in Kamakura era. The purpose of this thesis is to specify a dependence book of the Five Mahayana Sutras. The next was understood by consideration of this thesis.
1. A dependence book of "Nehan-kyo(涅槃経)" is Touzenji ban hokokuhon(東禅寺版補刻本).
2. A dependence books of Kegon-kyo(華厳経), Daijik-kyo(大集経)and Daibon hannya-kyo(大品般若経)are Sikei ban(思渓版).
This thesis continues after a next issue.
the South Song Dynasty Edition of the Buddhist Canon
the text of Kasuga prints
the Five Volumes of Mahayana Sutras