Bulletin of the Graduate School of Education, Hiroshima University. Part. II, Arts and science education Issue 64
2015-12-18 発行

国語科教育におけるマンガを活用した学力の育成 : 葉山嘉樹『セメント樽の中の手紙』の場合

Upbringing of the Scholastic Ability that Utilized Comics in Education of National Language : In the case of Yoshiki Hayama’ “A letter from female laborer in Cement barrel”
In a class that learners study about Yoshiki Hayama’ “A letter from female laborer in Cement barrel”‚ teachers report the class has a lot of issues. In view of issues, this paper considers that teaching material value for this novel to aim at getting over the issues. As a result of having examined for teaching material value for this novel, I found that it’s effective that guidance that was at the center on the third paragraph. Through Yozo’ states of the characters, this paper presents some of the teaching methods that learners are able to read that they stare at their own reality on this one, besides, are able to criticize on the ideas for the society and way of life from this reality. When you take advantage of the comics in the classroom, it became clear that there was various effectiveness. When you read the comics, the more used part strategy, the more deeply you are able to understand on feelings of the characters in the novels. Put this in the field of view, this paper have devised an applied guidance that the strategy which you read a comic partially.
teaching plan of novel materials
study of the novel teaching materials
the comics
compare and read
scholastic ability to criticize