Bulletin of the Graduate School of Education, Hiroshima University. Part. II, Arts and science education Issue 64
2015-12-18 発行

教員研修の学習効果としての自律的な授業改善過程とその要因 : A.P マグウッドによる歴史授業改善の場合

Process and Factors of Self-Directive Lesson Improvement as Learning Effectiveness by Professional Development: In History Lesson Improvement by A.P Magwood
Watanabe, Takumi
This study aims to evaluate the effectiveness of professional development by H.L Erickson as an educational consultant. For this purpose, this study focuses on history lesson plans presented during a usual teaching day by A.P Magwood̶a social studies teacher. This study attempts to answer the following question: What factors affect lesson improvement of social studies teachers? The findings may be summarized as follows. The aim of the history lesson was “Analyzing U.S. History through concepts to better understand the present.” The teacher refined the construction of the lesson to achieve the aim. In particular, concepts used in the lesson unit changed in quality and quantity. The teacher critically examined and used the theory by the educational consultant. This research has implications for the professional development of social studies teachers.
professional development
social studies teacher
lesson improvement
unit construction