Bulletin of the Graduate School of Education, Hiroshima University. Part. II, Arts and science education Issue 63
2014-12-19 発行

軍記物語に描かれた武士像 : 『平家物語』と『太平記』における

The Samurai Image in Gunki Monogatari : Heike monogatari and Taiheiki
Yu, Jun
To think about why Samurai is an important way to recognize Japanese or Japanese culture. I will make a study about the thought of Samurai in Gunki monogatari. While, with so many works in Gunki monogatari, Heike monogatari and Taiheiki are the most popular which were read by the widely people in Japan. In recent years, there are many studies of Samurai in Heike monogatari and Taiheiki by an ideological situation. And, the most of them are associated with the honor of Samurai. But, except the honor, there is also some other temperaments about Samurai, such as, Tyu, Kou, On. In fact, there are so much description about Samurai by used the words Tyu/Kou/On in Heike monogatari or Taiheiki. In my study, I will try to analyze the meaning of Honor/Tyu/Kou/On, and how they were be accepted by Samurai.
Gunki monogatari
samurai image
Heike monogatari