Bulletin of the Graduate School of Education, Hiroshima University. Part. II, Arts and science education Issue 63
2014-12-19 発行

中国語を母語とする上級日本語学習者のシャドーイング遂行成績に影響を与える要因 : ワーキングメモリ容量と試行数の観点から

Factors Influencing Shadowing Performance of Japanese for Advanced Chinese Japanese Learners : From the perspective of working memory capacity and repetition trials
Xu, Fangfang
The study aimed to investigate how working memory (WM) capacity and repetition trials influence shadowing performance of using Japanese for advanced Japanese learners who are Chinese native speaker. Participants were divided into two groups in terms of their WM capacity, both instructed to shadow two Japanese passages for three times. Their shadowing performance was measured by three indices: comprehension and memory performance on Japanese passages, and the accuracy and fluency of oral reproduction. Three main findings were revealed: (1) The result of comprehension performance did not show a significant difference between the participants with high WM capacity and those with low WM capacity; (2) As compared with those with low WM capacity, participants with high WM capacity were better able to memorize the content of the passages, and to orally reproduce the passages with fewer errors and higher fluency; (3) two repetition trials were enough to improve the accuracy and fluency of oral reproduction to a level near the ceiling point. And the difference according to the size of WM capacity was not found.
repeated shadowing
working memory capacity
repetition trials