Bulletin of the Graduate School of Education, Hiroshima University. Part. II, Arts and science education Issue 62
2013-12-20 発行


欠筆(the lack Writing)in 開寶蔵(the Northern Song Dynasty Edition of the Buddhist Canon), and the Influence
The purpose of this article is two of the next. 1.I make the real situation of 欠筆 in 開寶蔵 clear. 2.I investigate the influence of the 欠筆. The result of the investigation are as follows. 1. The lack Writing kanji(漢字) of 開寶蔵 is four characters of "敬竟弘慇".These four kanjis are connected with the name of grandfather and father of 趙匡胤 which is the first emperor of north Soong. But four kanjis are not considered to be the 欠筆 all the time. The ratio of 欠筆 are different every book. 2. 高麗初雕版 inherits most of the 欠筆 of 開寶蔵. However, the 欠筆 of 開寶蔵 was not handed down to 高麗再雕版 and 金版 very much. And the old Japanese copied books do not copy the 欠筆 of 開寶蔵 at all.
the Northern Song Dynasty Edition of the Buddhist Canon
the lack Writing
All the Budd hist sutras for Korai
All the Buddhist sutras for Jin
Japanese copied sutra of old time