Bulletin of the Graduate School of Education, Hiroshima University. Part. II, Arts and science education Issue 62
2013-12-20 発行


A Practical Study of Lessons of Choral Singing and Opera Practice in Hiroshima University for the Purpose of Bringing up of Comprehensive People Skills
Onouchi, Ai
On August 28, 2012, the Central Council for Education outlined the necessary abilities for future teachers in its "Report on Comprehensive Measures for Improving Teachers' Abilities throughout Their Teaching Life". One of the abilities identified in the report was "comprehensive people skills". The report defined comprehensive people skills as "rich human qualities and social skills, communication skills, the ability to work as a team with colleagues, and the ability to collaborate and cooperate with various organizations within the community and society". The "Program in Music Culture Education" at Hiroshima University Graduate School of Education includes lectures aimed at undergraduate student on "Choral Singing" and "Opera Practice". This paper analyzes the practical contents and effects of these lectures and considers their educational significance. Results of the analysis reveal connections between the lectures and the five abilities outlined by the Central Council for Education. In particular, interaction between members of different ages and the planning and managing of regular concerts were seen to play a significant role in the "Choral Singing" lecture. The "Opera Practice" lecture can be judged to be educationally significant since it deals with a form of comprehensive art and requires students to engage in a variety of different jobs. The "Choral Singing" and "Opera Practice"lectures not only foster musical performance ability through practical experience of choral singing and opera, but also aim to encourage students' lecture participation in leadership positions as students work as an independent team in order to produce something together. Therefore, the program contributes to the cultivation of "comprehensive people skills"
comprehensive people skills
choral singing
opera practice