Bulletin of the Graduate School of Education, Hiroshima University. Part. II, Arts and science education Issue 62
2013-12-20 発行

説明的文章の読解方略指導論の検討 : 条件的知識の観点から

The Consideration about Comprehension Strategies Instruction on Reading of Expository Texts : With a focus on conditional knowledge
Koga, Yoichi
In this paper, I considered about comprehension strategies instruction on reading of expository texts with a focus on conditional knowledge. First, I set up three critical conditions as follow, (1) goal of reading, (2) text, and (3) task. These conditions influence the use of conditional knowledge. Second, I theoretically considered the conditional knowledge instruction with a focus on "explicit instruction" "setting of two different types of context" "collaboration with others". As a result, I clarified that learning of conditional knowledge is facilitated when students read expository text in "multiple context" after they read "similar context". Finally, I considered two lesson practices which are conscious to conditional knowledge instruction as follow, (1) the lesson practice by Myke Rock which is picked up by Janice F. Almasi and Susan King Fullerton (2012), (2) the lesson practice by Yoshinori Takao which is picked up Seiji Tsuruda (2010). Through these considerations, I made the theory of conditional knowledge instruction specific as teaching and learning process.
Expository text
Comprehension strategy
Conditional knowledge