Bulletin of the Graduate School of Education, Hiroshima University. Part. II, Arts and science education Issue 61
2012-12-21 発行

現代小説の教材価値に関する研究 : 川上弘美「神様」「神様2011」を中心として

The Research on the Value of a Contemporary Japanese Novel as Teaching Material : on Hiromi Kawakami's “Kamisama" “Kamisama 2011"
Suzuki, Eri
This report is to clarify the value of modern novel on reading education. The value has consisted in the freshness of the sentences. However until now, when modern novel were the teaching materials, the freshness are not always picked up. But, when the sentences characterized by the freshness were used as the teaching materials, if a teacher didn't make students notice the learning which modern novel had a freshness, the value of the sentences as the teaching materials may be lower. Modern novel is the art of languages which are accepted and expressed in the present age. Therefore, I consider what kind of learning does exist by reading modern novel as a member of the society who lives in this age. To read as a member of the society is to read while asking that why does a novelist write the word now and now is the word caught by the reader now. For example, I consider about to read Hiromi Kawakami's “Kamisama 2011" while asking that why did Kawakami write “Kamisama 2011" with comparing “Kamisama" written in 1993.

The growing up by the education of reading in that way is the main contribution to the succession and the development to language as a culture. I think that is the one of the values of teaching materials as the contemporary literatures of modern novels.
modern novel
the contemporary literature
a member of the society