Bulletin of the Graduate School of Education, Hiroshima University. Part. II, Arts and science education Issue 61
2012-12-21 発行

現代評論文の学習を通して思考力・記述力を高める高等学校国語科授業の研究(2) : 清岡卓行の評論「手の変幻」を用いた「比べ読み」「重ね読み」の実践

A Study on Developing Abilities of Thinking and Expression Through Studying Critical Essays in Japanese Classes at a Senior High School : The practices of comparative reading using essay “Te no Hengen" written by Takayuki Kiyooka
Ono, Nao
This research aims to find the effective way of developing the students' abilities of thinking and expression to a higher level through reading critical essays in Japanese classes. In order to improve students' abilities, students read two essays. After reading two essays written by either different authors or the same author, students think about the topic by themselves and expressed their thoughts and points of view. These two essays relate the identical matter from two different points of view, and by reading them comparatively, students can broaden their own perspectives and probe their ideas deeper. The result shows that using several reading materials is effective to broaden students' ways of thinking and means of expression.
teaching critical essays
comparative reading of different essays by same author
comparative reading of essays on similar topic by different authors
ability of thinking
ability of expression