Bulletin of the Graduate School of Education, Hiroshima University. Part. II, Arts and science education Issue 61
2012-12-21 発行

高等学校国語科における「読み」を深める評論文の授業に関する研究 : 詳述を取り入れた「知識の扉」(港千尋)の授業実践を通じて

A Study of Japanese High School Classes Using Critique to Deepen Reading Skills : Through the class, “Chishiki no Tobira"(by Chihiro Minato) using writing specification
Tsuji, Naomi
The purpose of this study is to help learners not only understand the meaning of the words themselves but to think profoundly of the author's perspectives. This paper is to verify the following two hypotheses through collecting student's data in which the author was also the instructor of the class. First, learners can infer the author's perspectives if instructors tell the learners to think about the causes and results through paying attention to expressions such as embodiment, abstraction and paraphrasing, which are not explained clearly in the text. Second, learners can develop their own way of profound, critical thinking by confronting the writer's claim if instructors encourage learners to correlate claims in the text to their experiences and knowledge. Of these two hypotheses, the result of the former is that learners' understanding toward the text is deepened. Also, instructors have some advantages to create classes. For the latter, learners can take writers' claim as a familiar topic and then deepen their perspective using the text. After applying these techniques in the class, it is clear that these two hypotheses were effective means to deepen learners “reading" skills.