Bulletin of the Graduate School of Education, Hiroshima University. Part. II, Arts and science education Issue 61
2012-12-21 発行

女性の就業と保育の問題 : 東広島市西条地区を事例として

The Problem of Women's Employment and Child Care in Japan : A case study of Saijo, Higashi-Hiroshima
Zhang, Yuqing
In recent years, the number of working women continued to increase as women have become more active throughout society in Japan. However, it should be noted that the working women have several problems. One of serious problems is how to take care of their children. In the past, most of Japanese families have living together with three generations, therefore grandparents always help young couple to take care of their children. However, in modern era, nuclear family has become very common with the change of industrial structure and social fabric. It is essential to reorganize the nursery school in order to the women can smoothly work in their workplace.

This paper aims to clarify the nursing conditions in Higashi-Hiroshima, focusing the change of the conditions of child care service, the policy of local government for child care, contents of child care service and its regional disparity, I conducted an intensive interview survey for mothers with infants in nursery school. Through the results of my study, I intended to consider the problem of the requirement by working women and the solution of child care.

It is insufficient of various childcare such as holiday care, a moment's childcare in Saijo. Looking at the features of the employment of women, the number of employee who work in tertiary industry is increasing. There are many women who are working long hours or engaging in work on Sunday and national holiday. So it is need to substantiate the content of childcare services such as holiday children and extended day care. In addition, child care for sick children is essential from the demand of their parents.
women's employment
child care
Saijo area