Bulletin of the Graduate School of Education, Hiroshima University. Part. II, Arts and science education
Issue 61
Date of Issue:2012-12-21
current number
ISSN : 1346-5554
Publisher : Graduate School of Education, Hiroshima University
Geoscience Teaching using Local Geological Materials (4) : Roundness of river gravels as a thinking tool of correlation
Yamasaki, Hirofumi;
PP. 1 - 8
A Study on Observation and Consideration of Experimental Results in Science Learning : Through a comparison of elementary, junior high and senior high school students
Kinoshita, Hiroyoshi; Fukumoto, Itsuko; Shiraga, Masaya;
PP. 9 - 15
The Structure of Attitudes towards Science and Scientific Literacy in PISA2006
Matsuura, Takuya; Kawasaki, Kosaku; Maeda, Keisuke;
PP. 17 - 23
An Application of Dried Sardine for Observing Fish Morphology
Tomikawa, Ko; Torigoe, Kenji;
PP. 25 - 28
Development of Visualization System for Hazard Prediction of Sediment Disasters
Yoshidomi, Kenichi;
PP. 29 - 37
Research Study of Undergraduate Students' Technology Governance Ability about Technology of Nurturing Living Things
Yata, Chikahiko; Ueno, Koushi; Ohtani, Tadashi; Fujii, Michihiko;
PP. 39 - 46
The Strategy for Teaching and Learning Social Studies using Teaching Materials in Community and Structure of Knowledge : A study on construction of the unit in primary social studies
Ikeno, Norio; Kim, Bo-Mi; Fukui, Suguru;
PP. 47 - 56
A Study on the Developments of “Thought of Social Studies" of Undergraduate Students : Based on the TA Report of Social Studies Teacher-Training Course
Goto, Kenjiro;
PP. 57 - 66
The Problem of Women's Employment and Child Care in Japan : A case study of Saijo, Higashi-Hiroshima
Zhang, Yuqing;
PP. 67 - 75
A Study of Japanese High School Classes Using Critique to Deepen Reading Skills : Through the class, “Chishiki no Tobira"(by Chihiro Minato) using writing specification
Tanaka, Hiroyuki; Tsuji, Naomi;
PP. 77 - 84
A Study on Developing Abilities of Thinking and Expression Through Studying Critical Essays in Japanese Classes at a Senior High School : The practices of comparative reading using essay “Te no Hengen" written by Takayuki Kiyooka
Tanaka, Hiroyuki; Ono, Nao;
PP. 85 - 92
A Study on the Authorized Textbook in Japanese Language of the Early Postwar Years : In the case of system and realization
Yoshida, Hirohisa;
PP. 93 - 102
Target Analysis of Reading Proficiency in Elementary Schools' Japanese Class (Revised Edition) : In relation to “The Restaurant with Many Orders"
Kamada, Shujiro;
PP. 103 - 112
An Experiment to Develop “Cognitive Fluidity" in Japanese Class at Junior High School : Bringing out the intellectual leap through “Sensing Similarities"
Saito, Takahiko;
PP. 113 - 122
The Research on the Value of a Contemporary Japanese Novel as Teaching Material : on Hiromi Kawakami's “Kamisama" “Kamisama 2011"
Suzuki, Eri;
PP. 123 - 132
The Consideration about The Assessment of Reading : With a focus on Michael Pressley & Peter Afflerbach(1995) Verbal Protocols of Reading
Takase, Yujin;
PP. 133 - 142
The Transition of Teaching Writing Poetry in the UK : Examination of the English in Education
Nakai, Yuka;
PP. 143 - 152
Exploring the Quality of Kenji Miyazawa's Work “Otzbel and White Elephant" as Material for Literature Instruction : With focus on the double meanings in “Otzbel and White Elephant"
Nakano, Toshimi;
PP. 153 - 161
A Study on Shogaku Tokuhon : On the relation of KANBUN
Nishioka, Satoshi;
PP. 163 - 169
Some Considerations of a Theory of Instruction on the Creative Writing of Story : The case of Kanji- Hatano
Mitoh, Yasuhiro;
PP. 171 - 178
First Personal Pronouns in Children's Stories Appeared in Akai-Tori : With a Focus on Miekichi Suzuki
Yamada, Miki;
PP. 179 - 188
A Report on Foreign Language Activities in Hibizaki Elementary School
Ono, Akira;
PP. 189 - 197
The Developmental Change of Failure Avoidance Motivation in Learning English from 5th Grade through 11th Grade : A Cross Sectional Analysis.
Fujii, Shinji;
PP. 199 - 208
The Effect of Instruction on the Reading of Expository Texts : An Analysis of Retrospective Interviews
Yoshidome, Fumio;
PP. 209 - 217
Effects of Corrective Feedback in JFL Classrooms
Hatasa, Yukiko; Fujiwara, Yukari;
PP. 229 - 237
Refining of the Japanese Grammar Placement Test
Watanabe, Tomoko;
PP. 239 - 244
-Janaika as a Negative Imperative Sentence : From a Pragmatic Point of View
Kim, Jihee;
PP. 245 - 254
Cues for Extraction of Event Subcomponents on Verb Learning : A study on English-speaking Japanese learners
Sakamoto, Kyoko;
PP. 255 - 264
On the Capability of Japanese Accent Production by Korean Japanese Learner : Focusing on the perception, knowledge, and self-monitoring
Takahashi, Eriko;
PP. 265 - 274
Characteristic and Development of Physical Education in the Middle Years Programme of the International Baccalaureate
Iwata, Shotaro; Maeda, Kazuma;
PP. 275 - 283
The Study on Isei of “Ittosai Sensei Kenpousyo" : Focusing on the relation of Itai・Dotai and Tai・Yo
Kim, Hyunyong; Matsuo, Chiaki;
PP. 285 - 290
A Case Study about Pre-service Teachers' Views of Teaching in Physical Education : The difference between the factor structure and grade
Kakazu, Kengo;
PP. 291 - 297
The Establishment and Development of Homemaking Education in Japan under the Occupation (XXVI) : Reform of the clothing education by using ready-made sewing pattern
Shiba, Shizuko;
PP. 299 - 308
Life Planning for University Student in View of Starting Social Life with a Solid Foundation
Yokota, Akiko;
PP. 309 - 314
Analyzing the Cooking Behavior of Sophomore Female Students : In relation to the ability for preparation of cooking
Imakawa, Shinji;
PP. 315 - 323
Longitudinal Study of Maternal Behavior in Daily Mother-Child Separation : A behavioral analysis of mothers dropping their children at kindergarten
Gonda, Azusa;
PP. 325 - 332
A Change of Music Education in Elementary School and Junior High School in Italy : Focusing on programs since 1894
Onouchi, Ai;
PP. 333 - 342
There was No Age Difference in Shinran's(親鸞)Texts of Kanji Pronunciation
Sasaki, Isamu;
PP. 350 - 344