Bulletin of the Graduate School of Education, Hiroshima University. Part. II, Arts and science education Issue 60
2011-12-22 発行

岐阜県における「ふしづくりの音楽教育」萌芽期の特徴 : 『小学校 音楽学習指導の手引き(音楽感覚段階別能力表)』を手掛かりとして

The Beginning of "Fushizukuri" Music Education in Gifu Prefecture : An analysis through "Shogakko Ongaku Gakushu Shido no Tebiki (Ongaku Kankaku Dankai Betsu Noryoku Hyo)"
Shogakkou Ongaku Gakushu Shido no Tebiki (Ongaku Kankaku Dankai Betsu Noryoku Hyo) is a publication based on both original goals of music education and the real state of music education in Gifu prefecture. It contains textbook-based 'Ongaku Kankaku Dankai Betsu Noryoku Hyo' and 'Sousaku Shido no Ipponmichi' which is a prototype of 'Fushizukuri Ipponmichi.' Using textbooks as teaching materials, the former describes six levels of instruction in various factors of musical sense such as melody, rhythm, harmony, pace, dynamic, and timbre. Instruction in phrase, basic rhythm, tonality, and cord develops musical sense through activities of perceiving and feeling music. The latter has fifteen levels of instruction. Its contents and teaching materials almost follow those of the former. However, in the last three levels of instruction, main activities are to create songs by improvising. In the beginning period of "Fushizukuri" music education, not only creating activities but also textbooks served as important teaching materials, and the primary purpose of "Fushizukuri" music education was to develop musical sense by enhancing sensibility and perception.
Fushizukuri Music Education
Gifu Prefecture
musical sense
creative instruction