Bulletin of the Graduate School of Education, Hiroshima University. Part. II, Arts and science education Issue 60
2011-12-22 発行

家庭科教育における「布を用いた製作」に関する一考察 : フィンランドの「クラフト科」教育との比較から

A Few Consideration of "Sewing with the Cloth" of Home Economics Education in Japan : Compared to the craft education in Finland
The purpose of this paper is to consider of "sewing with the cloth" of home economics education in Japan compared to the craft education in Finland. First, we took a general view of the curriculum of compulsory education and analyzed the description of the craft education, mainly the field of textile in the course of study (2004). We visited some primary school and junior high schools in Finland. At their schools we observed the classes of craft education and interviewed with some teachers and their pupils. Additionally we invited Finnish researchers of three universities to Japan, and asked them to observe the class methods and teaching materials and to suggest to us their view of them. As a result we gained any suggestion about educational significance of "sewing with the cloth" of home economics education in Japan. They were seen as follows ① the outline of educational evaluation was showed clearly with "planning" and "production" and one of the final-assessment criteria was that pupils could document their designs in planning, for example as illustrations, verbally with samples, with the help of miniature models, so as to reveal the nature of the ideas and its intended method of production. ② In classes the teachers valued "learning with group", "acquirement of methodology" and "development of circumstance". Thereby they have made much account of not only pupil's interest but also their own pace. ③ Finnish researchers suggested to us that they think pupils' learning process as well as their knowledge and skills, and their degree of completion. These suggestions should be applicable to "sewing with the cloth" of home economics education in Japan.
home economics education
sewing with the cloth
Craft Education