Bulletin of the Graduate School of Education, Hiroshima University. Part. II, Arts and science education Issue 60
2011-12-22 発行

日本語プロミネンスの知覚能力が口頭産出課題に及ぼす影響 : 中国語を母語とする日本語学習者を対象として

Influence of Perception Ability for Japanese Prominence on Performances of Oral Production Tasks : For Chinese Students Learning Japanese as a Second Language
Guo, Yuxin
Since the prominence showing the mind of emphasis expresses the element of contrast, and the focus of utterance, if it is used unsuitably, it may become how to appeal against the mistaken opinion, or feeling which is not meant to a hearer may be transmitted. Moreover, when perceiving the utterance intention which cannot perceive correctly the rhythm which the speaker emitted but is expressed by prominence goes wrong, a possibility that a hearer will do the dialog and utterance contrary to a speaker's real intention is high. For the Chinese students learning Japanese as a second language, this research examined whether the consciousness capability in Japanese prominence was a factor which influences the word-of-mouth production capability. As a result, the results higher rank group of the consciousness to an utterance intention turned into a word-ofmouth production results higher rank group irrespective of the existence of the context. That is, in the Chinese learner, it was admitted that the consciousness capability over an utterance intention had influenced the word-of-mouth production capability of Japanese prominence. It is thought by raising from this the consciousness capability over the utterance intention that prominence was therefore expressed that word-of-mouth production capability may improve.
Japanese prominence
perception ability
oral production
Chinese learner