Bulletin of the Graduate School of Education, Hiroshima University. Part. II, Arts and science education Issue 59
2010-12-24 発行

奄美大島龍郷町浦方言の敬語法 : 全国共通語敬語法との比較を通して

The Honorific of the Ura Tatusugo Amami Oshima Dialect : The comparison though the honorific of Japanese common language
Shigeno, Hiromi
The honorific of the Amami Oshima dialect is rapidly advanced to the common language, but the systematic research has not been performed yet. This paper aims to describe the honorific term of Ura dialect, and then compare to the honorific term of the Japanese common language. Especially, concentrated in the usage of the verb on honorific expression, humble expression, and polite expression. The result shows that Ura dialect has a characteristic on the honorific verb and verb supplement which is less than Japanese common language. In Ura dialect, there are only a few honorific verb and verb supplement. Mainly suffix of /-jor/ is used to express the polite form of verb or adjective. In the honorific form of the Ura dialect, suffix /-jor/ is frequently used.
The honorific
Ura dialect
Japanese common language
Suffix of /-jor/