Bulletin of the Graduate School of Education, Hiroshima University. Part. II, Arts and science education Issue 59
2010-12-24 発行

外国語活動・小中学校連携に対する小中教員の意識差からの示唆 : 質的研究を通して

Suggestions from Differences in Awareness of Elementary and Junior High School Teachers of What Foreign Language Activities, and Cooperation between Elementary and Junior High School Mean : Through the qualitative research
Shinato, Yota
The purpose of this study is to present some case studies of Foreign Language Activities and Cooperation between Elementary and Junior High Schools in English language education in Japan, and to make inferences of some of the conditions and issues in Foreign Language Activities as a compulsory element in elementary schools in 2011. Interviews were conducted with 20 elementary and 12 junior high school teachers in Ishikawa Prefecture, where English language education is introduced in elementary schools earlier, and from these interviews the data of two elementary school teachers and two junior high school teachers were selected and the results analyzed. Three things became clear. First, the "English Notebook" was the main material used in their Foreign Language Activities classes and was an important factor in making annual plan, lesson plans and other teaching materials. Second, junior high school teachers felt Foreign Language Activities had a negative effect on some of their students as these students had come to dislike English or had come to dislike writing in English. Third, the study showed that there were differences in their understanding of the meaning of Cooperation between Elementary and Junior High Schools.
Foreign Language Activities
Cooperation between Elementary and Junior High Schools
Awareness of teachers