Bulletin of the Graduate School of Education, Hiroshima University. Part. II, Arts and science education Issue 58
2009-12-25 発行

読むことの学習指導における「学習のてびき」の一源流 : E. A. クロス編『文学 : アンソロジーシリーズ』を中心に

A Study on the Source of the Guides for Learning in Reading Comprehension : With a Focus on E. A. Cross (ed.) Literature: A Series of Anthologies
A purpose of this paper is to investigate on the source of the guides for learning in Junior high school Japanese language classes of Hama Ohmura, an excellent secondary Japanese teacher. In order to Ohmura's testimony, her "guides for learning" were influenced by any American textbooks and workbooks for English language learning in 1940s-50s. One series of textbooks, Literature: a series of anthologies (A. E. Cross et.al eds.), which is one of the American Educational Library collections, founded in Hiroshima University Library, was analyzed in this paper. By comparing "the study questions" in the textbooks with Ohmura's "guides for learning" in her practical reports, any considerations were founded. At least, Literature: a series of anthologies seemed to give any hints for "guides for learning" by Ohmura, however, it would be not a only source of it, but also any other textbooks an workbooks used in USA would give any cues for generating Ohmura's ideas of "guides for reading" in 1950s. In addition, Such considerations in this paper would give a significant starting point for investigating a post-WW2 history of Japanese language textbooks and instructions.
Hama Ohmura
guides for learning
study questions
textbooks in USA