Bulletin of the Graduate School of Education, Hiroshima University. Part. II, Arts and science education Issue 57
2008-12-26 発行

元田永孚における『論語』の新たな位置づけ : 『元田先生進講録』を中心に

Motoda Nagazane and Analect Confucianism : Study on Motoda's Lecture Record to Meiji Emperor
Andy Bangkit Setiawan
This study aims to reevaluate the relation between Motoda Nagazane and Confucianism by analyzing Motoda Nagazane's lecture record to Meiji Emperor on Analect of Confucianism, know as Motoda Sensei Shinkouroku. Study on the relation between Motoda Nagazane and Confucianism this far has brought a preconceived idea that Motoda Nagazane's perception on Confucianism is a consecutive perception of Edo Confucianism or often said as a pure perception of Chu Hsi school perception. For this study, it had been analyzed how Motoda Nagazane recognized Analect in the lecture. As known previously, Japan Imperial system is carried by Shinto values, and these values have different tradition with Confucianism. In words, if Motoda hold a strong consecutive perception on Confucianism and Analect, then the result will be same with common perception of a Confucian. The analysis result shows that Motoda Nagazane had different perception on Analect, as he placed it as an explanation book of supreme value which one Japanese God (Ninigi-no-Mikoto) had taught and fulfilled by ancient emperors. This result shows that in Motoda thought there is difference of perception from common perception hold by a Confucian.
Motoda Nagazane
Lecture Record