Bulletin of the Graduate School of Education, Hiroshima University. Part. II, Arts and science education Issue 57
2008-12-26 発行

S. Donaudy "36 Arie di stile antico" 研究IV : オペラ作品との関わりを視点として その2

A Study on S. Donaudy "36 Arie di stile antico" IV : Regarding his operatic works no.2
I have examined S. Donaudy's (1879-1925) "36 Arie di stile antico" from various perspectives to analyze the music and content, and shed light upon his unique style and musical phraseology. I find it deeply interesting that, although S. Donaudy has become widely known and received in Japan, his work has garnered little interest in Western countries; there is almost no research into historical documentation regarding his life or music. In that paper, I introduced the content of "SPERDUTI NEL BUIO" (1907), the fourth of S. Donaudy's six operatic works, which are already out of print. In this paper, a continuation of our previous one, I attempt to analyze more deeply this same opera. "morendo", which Donaudy used impressively in his "36 Arie di stile antico", is used frequently in this opera. This is especially seen in its use for the way of life of the main protagonists, Nunzio and Paolina, and the fateful scene of Duca Vallenza. It is extremely interesting how it was used in such a striking manner. Trying to surmise the intentions of the composer, and how these indications should be interpreted in regards to the performance of the opera are issues, I believe, that are better left entrusted to the individual performers.
S. Donaudy
36 Arie di stile antico
S. ドナウディ