Bulletin of the Graduate School of Education, Hiroshima University. Part. II, Arts and science education Issue 57
2008-12-26 発行

占領下の日本における家庭科教育の成立と展開(XXII) : モード・ウィリアムソンの日本日記から

The Establishment and Development of Homemaking Education in Japan under the Occupation(XXII) : Maude Williamson's Diary from Japan
This report clears the emotion and motivation of Maude Williamson toward the establishment and development of homemaking education in Japan under the occupation. Japan Diary written by her was found as a valuable record to research new construction of homemaking education. By the analysis of Williamson's Diary from Japan, TDY Records and other documents, the results were as follows: 1) To understand the contents of the Japan Diary of Williamson, it is necessary to reveal both what Williamson did and her experimental view regarding Japanese society and women's status in Japan. The diary includes details about what she experienced. 2) Williamson made efforts in the field of home economic education because she felt that the Japanese feudalistic livelihood and ways of thinking could be changed by homemaking education. The exchanges between many excellent Japanese people including Miss Ukawa as a interpreter and they had an influence Williamson's thought.
M. Williamson
Japan Diary
TDY Report
homemaking education
M. ウィリアムソン