Bulletin of the Graduate School of Education, Hiroshima University. Part. II, Arts and science education Issue 57
2008-12-26 発行


The Examination of the Teaching Plan and the Motor Unit in the Physical Education
Matsuoka, Shigenobu
Siren, Nuoribu
Sun, Jian
Zhang, Hong yan
In this study, some concepts about the study teaching plan of a physical seducation lesson were proposed. The object of research has been recogniszed as a system and it argue about movement recatching as a "movement unit". The result can be summarized as follows.

1) It proposed in example being called the design of a study teaching plan about "movement unit" "practice hypothsis in the phyial educatin lesson" and "the relation nature of the whole and portion".

2) It divides and, as for the "movement unit", movement of all human beings is formed from the motion of the part of movement. In case they are related to movement of other one person, it has the meaning "personal nature", and in case it twines with movement of many other human being, "group nature" and "conspiracy" will be shown.

3) It is necessary to use 1) 2) as a base and to refine the purpose concept indicated by the syudy teaching plan. Especially the realization possibility having the method means 100% not but, it can ask for "grammatical person nature" being clear.

4) "a movement unit" shold learn need to be spcified.
movement unit
social system theory
desine of tearching plan
relation ship