Bulletin of the Graduate School of Education, Hiroshima University. Part. II, Arts and science education Issue 57
2008-12-26 発行

読解を促進する発問作りの重要性 : 高等学校英語リーディング教科書中の設問分析を通して

Significance of Designing Questions to Enhance Reading Comprehension : Through the analysis of post-reading questions in senior high school English textbooks in Japan
The purpose of this article is to ascertain what kinds of post-reading comprehension questions are available in senior high school English textbooks in Japan. Very often these questions play an important role for English teachers in checking and guiding their students' reading comprehension. By using randomly selected six Governmentauthorized senior high school English textbooks (reading) published in Japan, all the comprehension questions placed in the textbooks were collected and classified into five major types following the category by Nuttall (1996). As a result of the analysis, the major findings were: 1) most questions merely require copying out the words directly contiguous to those being repeated in the questions; and 2) all the textbooks carry some questions requiring inference. Thus, it was concluded that the reading comprehension questions in textbooks were not adequate and sufficient tools and sources for English teachers as reading managers. Finally, the types of comprehension questions that teachers need to prepare to supplement the current ready-made textbook questions were identified as a pedagogical implication.
reading in English
comprehension questions
senior high school English textbook
teacher questions