Bulletin of the Graduate School of Education, Hiroshima University. Part. II, Arts and science education
Issue 56
Date of Issue:2007-12-28
current number
ISSN : 1346-5554
Publisher : Graduate School of Education, Hiroshima University
Implementation of Animal Dissection to Brush the Skills of Biology Experiments Up Qualitatively and the Influence (II)
Torigoe, Kenji; Sato, Takayuki;
PP. 1 - 9
A Basic Study on the Instruction of the Science Report in Science Lesson
Matsuura, Takuya;
PP. 11 - 15
A Method for Observing Crustacean External Morphology on Dining Table : With a result on prawns, crabs, and squillas
Tomikawa, Ko; Torigoe, Kenji;
PP. 17 - 22
Taxonomy and Phylogeny of the Genus Jesogammarus (Crustacea: Amphipoda: Anisogammaridae)
Tomikawa, Ko;
PP. 23 - 29
Kageyama, Sanpei; Pal, Subhabaha; Pal, Satyabrata;
PP. 31 - 37
Design of a Skill-Based PID Controller Using Data-Driven Approach
Mori, Sinnosuke;
PP. 39 - 44
Schelers Kritik über Heideggers Sein und Zeit : Vom emitionalen Realitätsproblem
Hatanaka, Kazuo;
PP. 45 - 54
A Certain Meeting and the Influence in Wutaishan 五台山 in Qin 清 Country on August, 1908 : Policy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Japan to Tibet from diplomatic records of Japan and exploration
Shirasu, Joshin;
PP. 55 - 64
The Organization of the Development of National Historical Knowledge in History Course : The case of the course of study and textbook for social studies for Lower secondary schools
Nyu, Eiji;
PP. 65 - 74
A Study on the Construction of Contents Elementary Subject "Moral and Society" in China : From viewpoint of the developing of "Awareness of Citizenship"
Cai, Qiuying;
PP. 75 - 82
A Study on Developing a New View of Society in Geography Course in Junior High School : Unit plan "Whose is 'Douro', route and street?"
Itou, Naoya; Taniguchi, Hiroko; Kawaguchi, Hiromi; Ikeno, Norio;
PP. 83 - 91
A Study on the Developing of Constitution Course in the Elementary School for Developing a New View of Society : Unit plan "Who infringes on one's right?"
Kawaguchi, Hiromi; Nyu, Eiji; Taniguchi, Hiroko; Ito, Naoya; Ikeno, Norio;
PP. 93 - 102
A Comparative Study of History Textbooks of Senior High Schools of China and Japan : Focusing on the Sino-Japanese War
Zhang, Xiulan; Naren, Mandula;
PP. 103 - 110
A Study of the Compilation in Chuto Kokubun (1943) : Through the analysis of "Morishita's Diary"
Yoshida, Hirohisa;
PP. 111 - 120
The Study of KANBUN in the Japanese language Curriculum during the Second Half of the Showa30s : With regard to the formation of "The subject about classics"
Tomiyasu, Shingo;
PP. 121 - 129
A Study on the Progressive Factors of the Willson's Readers and the Historical Status in 19th Century America : Focusing on the comparative study between the Willson's First Reader and the McGuffey's First Reader
Nishimoto, Kikuko;
PP. 131 - 140
Effectiveness of Plots in Defamiliarizing Literary Texts as Teaching Material
Nakamura, Yoshito;
PP. 141 - 145
The Role of L1 Semantic Information for L2 Semantic Restructuring of Japanese EFL Learners
Tagashira, Kenji;
PP. 147 - 154
The Results and Subsidiary Issues of Extensive Reading in English at a Senior High School
Oshita, Harumi;
PP. 165 - 172
What to Do with Errors and Non-uses of Learners
Shirakawa, Hiroyuki;
PP. 173 - 179
A Study of Intra- and Inter-Lingual Stroop Effects between Chinese and Japanese : For Chinese Students in the Beginning Class of Japanese
Matsumi, Norio; Cai, Fengxiang;
PP. 181 - 186
The Causality of sin in "KOKORO" : The fact hidden in the suicide note
Yanagisawa, Hiroya;
PP. 187 - 194
Predictions in Listening Comprehension of Japanese Sentences:Using Quasi-SPOT to Intermediate-level Japanese Learners
Fukuda, Michiko; Furumoto, Yumi; Inami, Makoto; Matsumi, Norio;
PP. 195 - 200
Issues about Instructions of Evaluation in the Writing Process : Focusing on the self-evaluation in the pre-writing stage
Iguchi, Azusa;
PP. 201 - 208
Research on Prefix Verbs in Indonesian Language : A Focus on the meaning and function of the prefix[meN-]
Dedi, Suryadi;
PP. 209 - 215
Usage Conditions for Causative-Transitive Sentences : A look at pragmatic conditions
Suzuki, Yoko;
PP. 217 - 225
A study on the Process of Writing a Text Introduction for Elementary Students
Furumoto, Yumi;
PP. 227 - 233
A Contrastive Study of the Uchi-soto Relationship in Japanese and Turkish
Akdogan, Pınar;
PP. 235 - 239
New Words Written in Chinese Characters in Jitsugakuhō's Translated Japanese Articles : Comparison with the first examples in the Nihon Kokugo Daijiten
Qin, Chunfang;
PP. 241 - 250
Effects of Subject-performed Tasks on Memory of Verbal Phrases in Japanese as a Second Language
Nakahara, Satoko;
PP. 251 - 257
A Fundamental Study on the Cognitive Mechanism of Shadowing in Japanese : From the view point of starting point of oral reproduction,memory span and sentence structure
Kurata, Kumiko;
PP. 259 - 265
Comparison of Atsushi Nakajima and Lafcadio Hearn's Works : Take 'the Light, the Wind, and the Dream' and 'Two Years in the French West Indies' as the core of exploration
Hung, Se-Chun;
PP. 267 - 273
An examination about Endurance Test "5 Minutes Walk" : Comparison with "400m walk" and "500m walk"
Kusama, Masurao; Matsuo, Chiaki;
PP. 275 - 279
The Effects of Static Stretching : Aiming at the difference of the execution method
Matsuo, Chiaki; Kusama, Masurao; Kurokawa, Takashi;
PP. 281 - 286
The Establishment and Development of Homemaking Education in Japan under the Occupation (XXI) : Reconsider of the controversy about abolishment of "Practical Arts"
Shiba, Shizuko;
PP. 287 - 296
The Change of Time Spent on Unpaid Work and Paid Work by Dual-income Couples and Non Dual-income Couples : The analyses from the viewpoint of family type of household
Hirata, Michinori;
PP. 297 - 302
Communication Skills and Social Interactions with Peers in the Play-group among 4-year Old Children.
Imagawa, Shinji;
PP. 303 - 311
A Study of Dietary Lifestyles in the Elementary School and the Junior High School Students of a Area in the Midsized City of Rocal Region Surveyed by the Questionare
Suzuki, Akiko; Ikawa, Yoshiko;
PP. 313 - 321
A Study on S. Donaudy "36 Arie di stile antico" III : Regarding his operatic works
Edagawa, Kazuya;
PP. 323 - 327
A Study of Change in Perceived Tone of Received and Produced Sound by Use of Oreille Electronique II
Matsunaga, Misa;
PP. 335 - 343
A Cross-sectional Study on Infant's and Elementary School Student's Pitch Discrimination Ability
Konagano, Ryuta;
PP. 345 - 352
Music Reading Curricula in American Elementary Music Textbooks of the 1940s : Comparison with the 1920s
Kawaguchi, Sayaka;
PP. 353 - 362
Eine Studie über Löhleins Klavierschule 4 : Über den Fingersetzungsteil 1
Ono, Ryosuke;
PP. 363 - 371
Research of "Drawing Narrative" on the "Nikou-no-Maki" in the "Shigisan-Engi"
Inoue, Yasushi;
PP. 374 - 382