Bulletin of the Graduate School of Education, Hiroshima University. Part. II, Arts and science education Issue 55
2007-03-28 発行

占領下の日本における家庭科教育の成立と展開(XX) : 「昭和二十二年度学習指導要領家庭科編(試案)」の教科理念の形成

The Establishment and Development of Homemaking Education in Japan under the Occupation(XX) : The Formation of the Subject Ideology in the Home Economics Course of Study in 1947
This report clears the process of the formation of the subject ideology in home economics course of study compiled by the Ministry of Education in 1947. By the analysis of the GHQ/SCAP, CIE Records and Japanese documents, the results were as follows:1. I. Shigematsu, the Committee on Home Economics Course of Study in the Ministry of Education, Matsuyo Omori who was a capable interpretation and E. Donovan in CIE, compiled the home economics course of Study in 1947. The ideology that home economics education was for both boys and girls to new family construction was excellent.2. The English draft of home economics course of study compiled by Ministry of Education was revised and completed by E. Donovan and M. Omori. Donovan modified it from foreward to Chapter 5 and Omori from Chapter 6 to 10.3. New home economics course was required under the new constitution, the idea that Japanese home is changed from feudalistic to democratic one, and the position of woman. Importance of home life is more emphasized than before. Omori understood that new home economics imporove Japanese home life. In the content of the course on 5th and 6th, special emphasis was placed on understanding of home life and family relationships, and on co-education.
home economics education
Ministry of Educaton
Matsuyo Ommori
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