Bulletin of the Graduate School of Education, Hiroshima University. Part. II, Arts and science education Issue 55
2007-03-28 発行

中高齢期における運動・スポーツ活動に関する研究(4) : ストレッチングの実施方法に関する記述に着目して

A Research of The Exercise and Sports of The Eldery People (4) : With a Special Focus on a Description Concerning The Method of Executing Stretching
Watanabe, Kazuhiko
In this research, it aimed to inquire from the comparative study of the concrete content that had been described to the enlightenment book, material, etc. that related to stretching about the execution method guessed to be in the situation of stretching that was the main, effective movement not understood still enough more in detail.first of all, the description concerning how to extend it, hold time, the frequency and the breath method was basically included. It was a description concerning the breath method that seemed for the interpretation to be performed variously.Next, it was possible to divide it roughly into the description "Nature without stopping breathing" and "The breath is slowly vomited". And a lot of descriptions that used the method of abdominal breathing, "It inhaled slowly, it crowded, time was spent from the nose in a full chest for about slowly 30 seconds, and the breath from the mouth", were seen.finally, ‘the stretching of the whole body' assumed to be "The first doing was good of all stretching" and "It is very good to do best in the beds in mornings" was mainly considered from among a lot of posture. The part that perceived the stretch, duration, and the frequency were different, there was different descriptions about the concreteness of the execution method.