Bulletin of the Graduate School of Education, Hiroshima University. Part. II, Arts and science education Issue 55
2007-03-28 発行

インドネシア語における重複語の研究 : 重複語の意味と形態を中心に

Research of Reduplicated Words in the Indonesian Language : The focus of meaning and form of Reduplicated word
Dedi, Suryadi
This research considered about the reduplicated word in the Indonesian language. It is various that vocabulary composition smell and the shape of reduplicated does the meaning to the reduplicated word in an Indonesian language a lot. The form of the reduplicated word of an Indonesian language was roughly divided into two kinds roughly separately, namely that "Whole reduplicated word" and "Partial reduplicated word". After that, two subordinate positions were classified into "Whole reduplicated word", and the subordinate position was classified into five in "Partial reduplicated word". The reduplicated word of Indonesia might add the affix to the reduplicated word, and be used. The reduplicated word of an Indonesian language is for the meaning. There is a great so on of the animal and the plant of, that shows the emphasis of the meanings, that show the plural and the amounts and that show the appearance or the resemblance.
reduplicated word
whole reduplicated word
partial reduplicated word