Bulletin of the Graduate School of Education, Hiroshima University. Part. II, Arts and science education Issue 55
2007-03-28 発行


Bryophytes as Teaching Materials on the Textbook of Botany (The Latter Term of Meiji to the Beginning of Showa) and Suggestions for Development of New Teaching Material
Sato, Takayuki
Muko, Heiwa
Ohshika, Kiyoyuki
Bryophytes have some characteristics as teaching material, but it is very difficult to use them in secondary education. Nevertheless, from the latter term of Meiji to the beginning of Showa, there are many teaching materials for natural history.Therefore, we analyzed teaching materials on the textbook of botany that was published at the period, take suggestions for newly development of teaching material. We analyzed composition of textbooks and species of Bryophytes, and compared them to a magazine of pure botanical science. As the results, we found out that as below;1) Almost of all the textbooks were composed such as "Phanerogam→Cryptogam→Morphology/Physiology". These textbooks were easy to learn botany for students.2) Many species were used as teaching material besides the typical species. These were needed for taxonomy or human life.3) The Japanese name of Marchantia polymorpha had not yet decided at the period of using these textbooks.We concluded that if we develop the teaching materials for lifecycles, we can compare each botanical group including Bryophytes and teach the system of botany life. Therefore, Students can deepen their understanding from the suggestion of natural history.
Analysis of Textbook
Textbook of Botany
Teaching Material
Natural History