Bulletin of the Graduate School of Education, Hiroshima University. Part. II, Arts and science education
Issue 55
Date of Issue:2007-03-28
current number
ISSN : 1346-5554
Publisher : Graduate School of Education, Hiroshima University
Geoscience teaching using local geological materials (1) : Application of sedimentary facies analysis and its educational implication
Yamasaki, Hirofumi; Nagata, Yuichi; Hayashi, Takehiro; Suzuki, Morihisa;
PP. 1 - 7
Geoscience teaching using local geological materials (2) : Observation of sedimentary layers with the activities of expectation and debate
Yamasaki, Hirofumi; Nishimura, Tomonori; Hayashi, Takehiro; Suzuki, Morihisa;
PP. 9 - 14
Suggestion for the teaching method in real-work oriented preservice teacher education curriculum : Some considerations based on the observation of internship program in Michigan State University
Shimizu, Kinya;
PP. 15 - 20
An analysis of the affiective factors which influence the achievement of science : A comparison of elementary and lower secondary school students
Matsuura, Takuya;
PP. 21 - 25
Implementation of Animal Dissection to Brush the Skills of Biology Experiments Up Qualitatively and the Influence
Sato, Takayuki; Torigoe, Kenji;
PP. 27 - 34
Bryophytes as Teaching Materials on the Textbook of Botany (The Latter Term of Meiji to the Beginning of Showa) and Suggestions for Development of New Teaching Material
Sato, Takayuki; Muko, Heiwa; Ohshika, Kiyoyuki;
PP. 35 - 42
A practical study on the instructional strategy to develop metacognition among junior high school students : From a perspective on the reflections to observation/experimental activities
Kinoshita, Hiroyoshi;
PP. 43 - 52
Development of Teaching Materials of Green Chemistry at Secondary Schools : With a Focus on the Synthesis of Acetylsalicylic Acid Using Microwave Irradiation
Yamada, Shuto;
PP. 53 - 61
A Development and Practical Evaluation of the Teaching MaterialsAiming at Enhancing Students' Scientific Thinking Ability : With Special Reference to the Interconnection BetweenWeather Observation Results and Weather Information
Kanoe, Hiroaki;
PP. 63 - 70
Design of a Multi-Layered Neural Network Using Particle Swarm Optimization
Kato, Mitsue;
PP. 71 - 76
Realität als Widerstandserlebnis und pänomenologische Reduktion : die philosophische Anthropologie Max Schelers (2)
Hatakenaka, Kazuo;
PP. 77 - 86
The Improvement of The Curriculum for The Training Teachers (1) : The Acquisition Abilities for Teaching by "Experience" and "Reflection"
Kakuda, Masashi;
PP. 87 - 96
Why is the Elementary Law-Related Education of the United States taught through a Historical Fact? : On the Case of Teaching Material "We the People Level 1"
Nikaido, Toshie;
PP. 97 - 106
A Study on the Development of a Junior High School Geography Course for developing a new view : Unit Plan "Considering a home and house"
Nyu, Eiji; Tanaka, Noboru; Nikaido, Toshie; Taguchi, Hiroko;
PP. 107 - 114
A study on developing a new view of society in junior high school history course : Unit plan "Considering Kenkaryouseibai"
Taguchi, Hiroko; Takenaka, Nobuo; Tanaka, Noboru; Nyu, Eiji;
PP. 115 - 123
A Chronological Study of Linguistic Atlases on an auxiliary verb, "RAREE"
Ebata, Yoshio;
PP. 125 - 132
A comparative Study of the greeting expression between China and Japan : In the case of the laboring utterance to the colleague
Ebata, Yoshio; Zhang, Lei;
PP. 133 - 142
Research on the educational reform and textbook in Amami of the postwar period
Yoshida, Hirohisa;
PP. 143 - 152
A Descriptive Study of the Tsuken Dialect Case Particles [ni], [Nka], and [ʃi] which are Equivalent to the Japanese Case Particle [ni] : The Function of Marking Entities, Results, and Purpose which are Concerned with Formation, Operation, and Action
Matayoshi, Satomi;
PP. 153 - 162
About consistence of the curriculum to train speaking and listening ability : in the case on the cognitive side
Wakaki, Tsuneka;
PP. 163 - 172
A Geolinguistic Study on the History of Acceptance of "Christão" in the Kyushu District of Japan
Ogawa, Shunsuke;
PP. 173 - 182
A study on the history of the trend of thought known as the KANBUN education in the Showa 20's : On the argument on restrictions on the use of Kanji
Tomiyasu, Shingo;
PP. 183 - 191
Usefulness of Children's Literature as English Learning Material
Nakamura, Yoshito;
PP. 193 - 196
A study of young English learners' motivations at elementary school : A comparison between positive and negative affiects
Kunimoto, Kazue;
PP. 207 - 215
A Study on the English Strategic Competence of Japanese College Students
Tatsukawa, Keiso;
PP. 217 - 224
Effiects of melody presentation on memory of sentences in a second language
Matsumi, Norio; Suzuki, Satsuki;
PP. 225 - 231
Considerations on Honourification of Adjectives in Japanese Based on Agreement Theory
Adrian, Ivana;
PP. 233 - 240
Case Particle "de" and Subject's Thematic Role in Japanese Transitive Sentences
Suzuki, Yoko;
PP. 241 - 250
A psychological study of recognition to "Japanese Culture" : A comparison between native speakers of Japanese and Japanese language learners
Sumida, Tamaki;
PP. 251 - 258
Considerations on The first Attestation Bibliography of Meiji Era Kango : A Preliminary Examination of Korean Materials
Paek, Namdeok;
PP. 259 - 266
Auditory Recognition of Japanese Words in Taiwanese Learners of Japanese : Discussion on Meaning Decision Task of Japanese Sentences
Chiu, Yu-Yuan;
PP. 267 - 273
The Effiects of Reading Purpose and Working Memory Span on Reading Comprehension : A Focus on Japanese Native Speakers
Furumoto, Yumi;
PP. 275 - 284
Review of Literature on Willingness to Communicate in Second Language Education
Kobayashi, Akiko;
PP. 285 - 293
Research of Reduplicated Words in the Indonesian Language : The focus of meaning and form of Reduplicated word
Dedi, Suryadi;
PP. 295 - 301
An Evaluation of the Network-type CALL Contents by Korean Learners of Japanese
Yoon, Jeong Hun; Mizumachi, Isao; An, Byeong Geol;
PP. 303 - 309
A Research of The Exercise and Sports of The Eldery People (4) : With a Special Focus on a Description Concerning The Method of Executing Stretching
Matsuo, Chiaki; Kusama, Masurao; Kurokawa, Takashi; Watanabe, Kazuhiko;
PP. 311 - 318
Relationship between visual ability and serve-receiving performance in volleyball : Reexamination for college players
Furuta, Hisashi; Kajiyama, Toshihito; Kurokawa, Takashi;
PP. 319 - 324
Relationship between Exercise Style and Bone Mineral Density in Male High School Students : From a viewpoint of Exercise History and Competence
Luo, Ping;
PP. 325 - 331
The Establishment and Development of Homemaking Education in Japan under the Occupation(XX) : The Formation of the Subject Ideology in the Home Economics Course of Study in 1947
Shiba, Shizuko;
PP. 333 - 342
Detergency of Alkaline Ionized Liquid
Miyamoto, Shiori;
PP. 343 - 349
Detergency of Mixture of Cationic Surfactant and Nonionic Surfactant : Removal of Particle Soil, Soil Redeposition, Oily and Fatty Soil Removal, Sterilization, Deodorization and Safety
Miyamoto, Shiori; Zhang, Liangyi;
PP. 351 - 358
The analysis of the indoor wandering of an elderly person with dementia in a nursing home.
Imakawa, Shinji;
PP. 359 - 366
A study of the method of displaying the virtual dressing on the internet and its application to a teaching material for clothing education.
Kinoshita, Mizuho;
PP. 367 - 372
Factors in the Demand for Medical Service on Daily Life
Yokota, Akiko;
PP. 373 - 379
A study on the effiicient use of water resources at home
Takata, Hiroshi;
PP. 381 - 387
Time Use of the Children with Disabilities on Weekday and Saturday during the Semester
Endo, Rie;
PP. 389 - 398
Educational Philosophy of Music Appreciation of Yasujiro Kanemori
Mimura, Mayumi;
PP. 409 - 418
An examination of the relationships between Japanese music and the music of Toru Takemitsu focusing on the works of the composer written with traditional instruments.
Hamamoto, Yoshiyasu;
PP. 425 - 430
A Study of Change in Perceived Tone of Received and Produced Sound by Use of Oreille Electronique
Matsunaga, Misa;
PP. 431 - 439
A Study of German School Music Curricula in the first Term of Secondary Education : Elucidation of Learning fields by Nolte's Classification
Ito, Shin;
PP. 441 - 450
A Longitudinal Study on Infant's Vocal Pitch Accuracies in Singing : Focusing on Vocal Pitch Matching Abilities, Pitch Discrimination Abilities, and Skills at the Separation of a Singing Voice from a Speaking Voice
Konagano, Ryuta;
PP. 451 - 460
Studien über Löhleins Clavierschule 2
Ono, Ryosuke;
PP. 461 - 467
The Formation of Teaching Contents for Making Social Recognition Historically : the case of textbooks published for "Environmental Studies"
Takenaka, Nobuo;
PP. 469 - 478
Argument of description of pictures : Introduction
Inoue, Yasushi;
PP. 479 - 486