Bulletin of the Graduate School of Education, Hiroshima University. Part. II, Arts and science education Issue 54
2006-03-28 発行

体育科教育学と社会システム論 : 体育授業の記述問題に焦点をあてて

Physical Education Pedagogy and A social System Theory : It focuss on the description of a Physical Education lesson.
Matsuoka, Shigenobu
Sugao, Hisayo
Kaku, Manri
Oho, Suisen
The purpose of this research is describing the physical education lesson which can be finishing drawing the whole and a function, using a social system theory for. That is, that prediction research to make into the object which is not fully described or the object with it difficult to describe how is seldom materialized. Lesson "General-individual" Although the problem always remained, social system theory-description of a lesson was tried.

Then, social equipment called a school and the structure of a lesson were analyzed, being based on a social system theory. Children and students were glad, and were present and learned, and it checked always not carrying out self-conformity. Moreover, it learned to H. Numata and it also learned that it is not that to which teachers, children, and students are also performing the purpose always activity. It is a lesson if it sees from such a position. "One system" the way to regard can raise understanding to a lesson far. the "System" and not only simple causal relationship but dependency, correlation, and cybernetics-correlation accepts. And simultaneous affiliation of such many have forced the continuity and norm of learning on children and students.

Teachers have a certain kind of sense of incongruity in social system, social equipment social structure here and there. therefore "It is not necessary to go to a school. A lesson comes out and says that there is nothing." If what is said is thought to be a natural thing, a system and structure will idle. And a part of such a tendency has also begun to appear actually. If an old argument is collected, it will be able to summarize as follows.

1) Although the school and a social system called a lesson are specified legally, it necessarily forces children and students neither into attendance nor participation. Moreover, neither attendance nor participation is guaranteed. Simultaneously, these educational systems always do not make it useful, and it cannot have the realistic purpose, and is not necessarily striving for it.

2) When the lesson system of physical education was surveyed, it tended to be understood that a lesson was influenced by a teacher individual's capability and the motivation. However, it is the same also for the case of children and students. however if it sees as a system just the interaction itself it is it cybernetics it is the interaction itself.

3) When a physical education lesson is specified from the position of a social 'system theory, many concepts, such as whole nature, fraction, attract and self organization, are the worlds currently unified as a whole. It is meaningless to only simplify these superfluously.
physical education lesson
social theory