Bulletin of the Graduate School of Education, Hiroshima University. Part. II, Arts and science education Issue 54
2006-03-28 発行


A consideration about the influences on daily human life by environmental sound sources
Iwashige, Hirofumi
A consideration on evaluation of sound environment of daily human life is made by the 24 hours noise exposure measurements and questionnaire investigations, in this paper. The 25 subjects (healthy adults, 9 men and 16 women) are chosen to make these measurements and investigations. From 24 hours measurements, the maximum noise levels are 100~110(dBA) during a whole day. Most of the next considerations are made by Leq ( Equivalent noise level ) value. This is a typical example of Leq for movement during life : the Leq of office work is 65~70(dBA), the Leq of lunch time is 75(dBA), the Leq of rest time is 45(dBA), the Leq of sleeping is under 30(dBA). All subject are classified by 3 groups. The 24 hours Leq for the first group is 60~75(dBA), the 24 hours Leq for the second group is 70~80(dBA), and the Leq for the third group is about 90(dBA). The sound environment of more than 80(dBA) Leq is very bad for our life. The evaluation of sound comfortableness becomes bad when noise level grows big, in most cases. The comfortableness of conversation and lunch time is not evaluated only by sound level but also the happiness of the behavior. During study time, most people want silence to concentrate, so 50(dBA) is not sufficiently small level. The evaluation of sound environment of TV watching time is very good, because most watcher control the TV sound by himself. The evaluation of comfortableness for walking is not only depended on the sound, but other environmental factors like landscape, fresh air, temperature and humidity also should be taken into consideration. The sound evaluation is not decided only by the measured sound level, every life behavior has a suitable sound conditions. These results give us a guideline of comfortable sound environment of daily life.
Sound environment
Noise exposure