Bulletin of the Graduate School of Education, Hiroshima University. Part. II, Arts and science education Issue 54
2006-03-28 発行

中高齢期における運動・スポーツ活動に関する研究(3) : 軽い運動・スポーツ,ストレッチングに着目して

A Research of the Exercise and Sports of the Elderly People(3) -Revolving around light exercise and sports, streching-
Watanabe, kazuhiko
The purpose of this research is to explore the consciousness on exercise and sports of the elderly people. In order to examine the concrete form and substance of exercise and sports that be able to done “anytime, anywhere, anybody", especially stretching. The objects of the research (A) (342 sheets) are the elderly people from 50s to 70s. And the research (B) (159 sheets) are university students. The results of this research are as follows : 1) The number of people who care about health and physical strength is less than half about nutrition for life. 2) Most elderly people take light exercise and sports. 3) They don't confirm their subjective symptoms and don't warm up enough. 4) They know the word “stretching" well, but don't practice too much. 5) They stretch for the effect of “relaxation their muscles" and “betterment of flexibility of a joint" in the warm-up segment.The elderly people don't understand well enough the proper way of the practice. We must furnish concrete and proper information for the elderly people.
the elderly people
light exercise and sports