Bulletin of the Graduate School of Education, Hiroshima University. Part. II, Arts and science education Issue 54
2006-03-28 発行


Analysis of Textbooks and Teaching Materials about Teaching Unit of Evolution in High School Biology
Sato, Takayuki
Ohshika, Kiyoyuki
There are few studies to discuss the contents comprehensively and to develop teaching materials for experiments and observations for studying evolution. In this study, we investigated the contents of teaching unit of evolution in Japanese high school biology textbooks and the papers concerned with the development of teaching materials for studying evolution in Japanese, UK and USA biology educational journals. We discussed the features and trends in teaching of evolution by the point at experiments and observations. The results of this study are as follow: 1) In Japanese high school textbooks, there are some activities for observation and comparison among some living things, discussion using models, figures and pictures, and summarization of specific contents as teaching materials. 2) In 4 journals published in Japan, UK and USA, there are less than 50 researches for the development of teaching materials for studying evolution in term of these 30-40 years. 3) In UK and USA biology educational journals, there is much research for development of the activities with models and simulation softwares for computers. On the other hand, there are many reports for develop-ment of the experiments and observations with living things in Japanese biology educational journals. From these results, we considered that it is necessary for teaching evolution to collect basic data and samples, and to develop new experiments and observations with living things. And it is necessary to develop learning strategies and methods for teaching evolution.
high school biology
analysis of textbook
study of teaching material
experiments and observations