Bulletin of the Graduate School of Education, Hiroshima University. Part. II, Arts and science education Issue 53
2005-03-28 発行

縦断的発話データに基づく対のある自他動詞の習得研究 : 「きまる-きめる」「かわる-かえる」の使用状況から

A Study on the Acquisition of Japanese Transitive - Intransitive Verb Pairs Based on a Longitudinal Corpus : The use of "KIMARU-KIMERU", "KAWARU-KAERU"
Nakaishi, Yuko
In this paper, the longitudinal speech data of six learners of Japanese were analyzed to investigate their uses of transitive-intransitive verb pairs. The data showed: 1)Uses of transitive and intransitive verbs were similar between Chinese and Korean learners. Most of the learners used one verb of the transitive - intransitive pair at the early stage of learning. 2) Learners used either the transitive or the intransitive verb of the pair, in almost similar proportion. The results suggest that the use of transitive-intransitive verb pairs depends on its general use frequency rather than its grammatical category.
transitive-intransitive verb pairs
longitudinal study
Sakoda corpus