Bulletin of the Graduate School of Education, Hiroshima University. Part. II, Arts and science education Issue 53
2005-03-28 発行


A Study of Grammatical Particle on the Dialects in Atsumi Peninsula in Japan : the third report
Ebata, Yoshio
In this paper, the author has descrived the various grammatical particles on the dialectal sentences in Atsumi Peninsula of Aichi prefecture in Japan. These particles are varied in five kinds. The particles of them are named as a Kaku, Kakari, Fuku, Setsuzoku and Bunmatsu. This third report will descrive the sentence-ending particle of them, that is called a BUNMATSUSHI.

We already have a steady system of systematic idea on the description of the sentence-ending particle. That was shown us by the Dr. FUJIWARA Yoichi. It has a feature of historical and morphological classification.

Now, I will have an another method of classification of the sentence-ending particle. That is a framework of conversation network. It is mentioned the relation with the frame between the speaker and the hearer.

Based on the conversational network the name of the sentense-ending particles were descrived.

We will say two kinds of them. That one is calling-particle, and the other is a oneself-satisfied particle. This scale is the author's original idea.

We will be able to show a systematic descriptive model on the whole dialectical particles of a certain society in Japan. This may be said to become one of the typical example of them.
Atsumi Peninsula
Dialectal Particle
Descriptive Study
sentence-ending poarticle