Bulletin of the Graduate School of Education, Hiroshima University. Part. II, Arts and science education Issue 53
2005-03-28 発行

小学校社会科における見方・考え方の育成方略 : 単元「地図とはどのようなものでしょうか?地図について考えてみよう!」を事例として

The strategy for developing a new view of society in elementary social studies education : Unit plan "Considering maps, could you think what's map"
Takenaka, Nobuo
Tanaka, Noboru
Nikaido, Toshie
Kawakami, Hidekazu
The purpose in this paper is to develop the strategy and lesson plan for teaching elementary social studies to introduce a new view of society. We developed the unit plan "Considering maps, could you think what's a map" which is organized so that a student's view of map might be raised from a low level to a high level. We have prepared two views of map to plan the unit. One is a copy-theory of map, i. e., a view of map that a map copies reality. Another is a composition-theory of map, i. e., a view of map that a map is selected and constituted of portions and elements in reality. As students at fourth grade have a copy-theory in everylife, we have planed the social studies lesson that they acquire a new view of map, a composition-theory of map,and practiced the plan in the attached Mihara elementary school, Hiroshima University.
Elementary social-studies
View of society
The copy theory or composition theory of map