Bulletin of the Graduate School of Education, Hiroshima University. Part. II, Arts and science education Issue 53
2005-03-28 発行


The development of web teaching material focusing on the characteristics of Marchantia polymorpha
Sato, Takayuki
The characteristics of bryophytes were discussed, and a web teaching material which can be used for a classroom activity in junior and senior high schools was developed. One of such bryophytes, Marchantia polymorpha has the following characteristics as a teaching material: 1) Ease of collection, 2) Simple body structure, 3) Ease of observing sexual reproductive organs and cells, 4) Possibility of observing asexual reproduction, 5) Importance for studying evolution. This teaching material entitled "THE LIFE OF BRYOPHYTES" has been developed as a web page and released on the Internet. The front page is connected to 3 main pages: "Life of M. polymorpha", "Observation using M. polymorpha" and "Classification of Marchantiales". The page of "Life of M. polymorpha" explains the life cycle as clickable-map. The items are designed such that they lead to the next related page. Hence, students can study them along the life cycle with ease. The page of "Observation using M. polymorpha" contains observations of egg cell, sperm cell and sperm. These observations are connected with the related pages in "Life of M. polymorpha", so that students can directly observe them in hands-on activity. At the page of "Classification of Marchantiales", 6 Japanese common liverworts are explained referring their thallus with naked eye observation. This web teaching material is effective because students can study by themselves on the computer, then observe real living thing in the classroom.
Biology education
Marchantia polymorpha
Characteristics as teaching material
Development of web teaching material
Support for observation of real living thing