Bulletin of the Graduate School of Education, Hiroshima University. Part. II, Arts and science education Issue 52
2004-03-28 発行

S. Donaudy "36 Arie di stile antico" 研究 II : 声楽教育の視点から

A Study on S. Donaudy "36 Arie di stile antico" : For Singers and Teachers
Many vocal students learn songs out of Stefano Donaudy (1879-1925)'s "36 Arie di stile antico" through their studies. I question why his name is not listed in New Grove's Dictionary and M・G・G. The aspects of Donaudy's graceful melodies that present the greatest challenges to performers are the variations in dynamics and tempos therein, as well as expression of musical color. This paper presents an analysis of what Donaudy was attempting to convey in his "36 Arie di stile antico". In addition, I have also obtained "Spartito", two of Donaudy's operas that is currently out of print. Though materials on Donaudy and his music are scarce, this acquisition should provide a substantial hint as to the direction of the author's future research. I am planning to make a more detailed study based on this research. In the end, I am planning to clarify the inrtructive significance of "36 Arie di stile antico".
S. Donaudy
36 Arie di stile antico
vocal music